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  1. STIG_mata

    [03x01] October 19th, 2010

    I thought the previous incernations of TGAU sucked big time, Charlie sucked, the stunts sucked, the presenters were too restrained, but.. I loved this episode ! 9/10 But I do have an intellectual disability. Sure it was a bit too bogan-y and Ewan and Warne sucked like Bernard King but it was...
  2. STIG_mata

    [03x00] September 28th, 2010 [Ashes Special]

    I liked parts but overall it seemed like they werent really trying. e.g. If youre going to do a segment about classic UK cars and have an eType, its should be a 'given' that the driver would be dressed up like Austen Powers. If you want people to watch youre gonna need to give it some life...
  3. STIG_mata

    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Thanks for that guys. And so the other hosts from SBS just got the flick..? Hopefully 'Kenny' wont be too prominent.
  4. STIG_mata

    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    So when does the Ch 9 series actually start ? Does anyone know who the presenters are? Sorry I didnt dig thru the last 29 pages for the answers...
  5. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    Thanks Tone. Ahhh.. Series 2... I watched the first few episodes because I love the show, and I avoided the later episodes, for the same reason. Actually the family refused to watch the later eps with me. Your comment brings up the possibility that the 3 guys know theyre doing a lame show but...
  6. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    If the AU guys were going to do THAT 'chick pulling' segment, I'd offer that it could be done.... 1. At Bondi Beach or along Manly beachfront ( good visual location with lots of semi-naked bodies in the background ) 2. Have a young guy and a middle aged bloke both 'on the pull' to test what...
  7. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    Sorry Stiggie, I forgot about that episode, but it does open it up like mneiai says. They could get get a range of people who have varied experience in PS2 Vs racing .... So you'd have Craig Lowndes, a pimply faced teenager on his L's, some crusty old geriatric like Father Bob or Ita Buttrose...
  8. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    Just shows that there are few truly original ideas but they should be able to do it better than the UK, and add an Aussie flavour to any challenge. The Au car-converted-in-to-a-boat segment was cringeworthy, I still feel a sense of shame when I remember that segment..... :(
  9. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    The 'Series Of Epic Trips' idea is good. Something they shoulda done at the start to get the hosts bonding kinda like an automotive Boot Camp to help the guys settle and build a rapport months before they started filming for real. Other Challenge ideas.... 16. get a bog standard car and...
  10. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    Stiggie, I suppose almost anything is possible for a segment and the sillier the better because thats part of the charm. I mean, who wants to see a track race between 2 litre family cars when you could watch a race across the sand dunes and beaches of Fraser Island between an X5 and a 2 wheel...
  11. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    I truly believe that its all the silly stunts that actually make the show, if people wanted to here all about compression ratios they wouldnt watch TG. They have copied a lot of the UK ideas but I can think of a few stunts with an Aussie angle.... 1. Do a drift race...around the Opera House...
  12. STIG_mata

    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Ch 9 might go with solid established presenters who pull numbers and go with Darryl Somers, Kerrie-Anne Kenelly and use Dermott Brereton as the comedy sidekick. At least by going to 9 it will have us all watching to see if it will be a worthy revival. Any word on when the UA show starts again?
  13. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    I think thats under rating the AU guys, theres no reason why they cant do a better show than the UK. Theyre just getting started.
  14. STIG_mata

    The problem with TopGear Australia

    No its not a lost cause, its a great cause as we all love TG. But as Icedvovo says above, if the producers dont see that the ship is sinking, then we cant save it, they have to do it, they have to respond to the criticismand the ratings and head in a totally different direction. I ask people I...
  15. STIG_mata

    [02x02] May 18th, 2009

    5/10 this time,way better than the 1st episode. Its good, certainly light years ahead of last season but theres always a few things that bug me. 1/ the post production sound quality changed, the voice-overs seem lack lustre, tired, no excitement. 2/ the continual use of the toilet-tube lens ...
  16. STIG_mata

    [02x01] May 11th, 2009

    Much improved cinematography, a few good laughs along the way too, and Im glad to see that they didnt do the News, mixing it up keeps the punters interested to see if their favourite segment is coming up. Its still not smart or sharp enough for people in the street to relive the shows...
  17. STIG_mata

    FinalGear Shirts - Voting thread

    I was the STig is the go. The pirates one looks a bit like "Pprates", could be read as Utter Prats". The keys are subtle but good too.Well done matt2000.
  18. STIG_mata

    The main difference between TGUK and TGA presenters

    Now that James Morrison is on he will bring the right Aussie qualities to the show, hes got a good comfortable delivery, hes no glamour but he has presence and that easy going style thats more Australian rather than trying to emulate the rawness of the UK guys. If we want to watch a UK style...
  19. STIG_mata

    [01x07] November 10th, 2008

    Stiggie, Im impressed that you took the time out of your busy life to make up a couple of images, upload them onto your photobucket account, and then took the time to download them, and post them here. And all that effort.. to look like a tool. BTW, Forum Rep points are the equivalent...