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  1. frosty57

    RUSH the movie

    After watching the latest Top Gear I had to find out more about the Ron Howard movie 'Rush'' A story about the 1976 F1 fight between James Hunt and Niki Lauder. From all I have been able to find so far it looks brilliant. I was awe smacked when I watched Senna and now this one, WOW!!! Go to...
  2. frosty57

    Fifth Gear 20x01 starts October 14th

    There is a little bit more at VBH website
  3. frosty57

    [04x03] September 13th, 2011

    It is interesting to say the least that this was a brilliant episode the host are starting to show their inner side and come out of their shells a bit and band down drops the AXE, I'm not supprised the numbers were down, Nein barely advertised it, and before we got to see how good this episode...
  4. frosty57

    [19x04] May 6th, 2011

    As time goes on the team is starting to gell together more and more. I actually like this new format and the respect they have for each other. I only have one problem and that is that it is to short, it needs to be longer so as they can show just a little more of each segment. I just starts to...
  5. frosty57

    [19x04] May 6th, 2011

    Download now Download now I dont know how to load Torrents but you can download this episode now at any of the following sites. These aren't mine I just reposted, I am going to have to learn how to set up torrents...
  6. frosty57

    Top Gear Australia Filming for Season 4

    NEWSFLASH!!!!!!! At the Logies last night, An interview with Shane Jacobson said there will be 6 episodes and that they were filming at the moment and would be showing soon.
  7. frosty57

    [03x03] November 2nd, 2010

    OK now how do I say this? I know! It is finally starting to really work. And I love Shane J Who invited warnie to do the test car work, just beacause he can afford to buy these cars, and I think he may even own some of them, he is flat and monotoned in his speech. Now if they had him...
  8. frosty57

    Season 4 Wish List

    Thank you Aussiemike At last a protractor not a detractor speaks up with some good conculsions and ways forward. I personaly like Shane as the new host but he is still learning and I think for a novice is doing a dam good job at it, give him a few episodes and I think he will fly and enter in...
  9. frosty57

    The magnet URIs help thread

    yep me too! This is catching frosty57
  10. frosty57

    MX5 - A girls car??

    Don't by an NA model (Thats the first one ) But NB on are fantastic, and you won't be asked to take your mates everywhere. If you have $10K plus you might even find a very good good late model one, the activmatic gearbox in these is very good and reliable, but do get it check by a mechanic...
  11. frosty57

    Red light camera company claims election on legality of cameras violates voter rights

    I need to come in here guys, your both arguing the same case but from different directions. hansvonaxion your figures are subjective to say the least, as they are not quantifiable as there is insufficient information given to contest their validity and these are simple statistics and can be...
  12. frosty57

    Spoilers: Rumor on who is to be new stig

    SIARPC do get to see the Stig, and talk to him how else would they learn to drive from him. I personally think this would be a great change, but its the Top Gear Team who make the desision based on popularity and they are both very popular on Top Gear and Fifthgear. I say bring it on!!!
  13. frosty57

    Spoilers: Rumor on who is to be new stig

    In Melbourne Australia we have a radio station call 3AW and every morning they have a section called the Rumor File. This is a segment where people call in with anonaminity to give rumours about current events from all areas of life. It has a very high success rate with rumors being true, e.g...
  14. frosty57

    Competition for a new Stig, who would you suggest

    Hot rumour just hit the radio in Australia on the rumor file is that it is to be a Pink Stig in a joint run between Vicki Butler Henderson and Sabina Schmitts
  15. frosty57

    Competition for a new Stig, who would you suggest

    It would need to be someone who has recently retired as a young gun is still trying to make a name for themselves. An ex touring car champion or at least a racing driver with a very good resume. You have to remember the car companies won't supply cars for a noboby to drive, I think thats why...
  16. frosty57

    Hi Tweeke Are you stil active on Final Gear? Also is your ftp site site active? If so can I...

    Hi Tweeke Are you stil active on Final Gear? Also is your ftp site site active? If so can I have access and what are the ip channel user and pasword please Thanking you in advance Frosty57
  17. frosty57

    Competition for a new Stig, who would you suggest

    Like James Bond has been we need to run a competition with suggestions for a new Stig. We all know there have been several Stig's before just like there have been many actors who have portrayed James Bond. So now it is our turn to suggest some replacements for Stig. I will start with Nigel...
  18. frosty57

    Some say he's been fired by the BBC

    The key to all this is " Do we realy care who portrays the stig" It's just like James Bond (he's British) he has been played by several actors what we need to do is run a competition to find the next Stig and that will stuff up the HarperCollins lawyers . Now who would make a good stig how...
  19. frosty57

    Top Gear America trailer

    What is Top Gear Based on? Fun Fun Fun with a little bit of fact thrown in. Lets all remember that and not take a little blip as what is . We can't even get our next episode of TGAUS they say its coming but so is christmas.
  20. frosty57

    Top Gear America trailer

    The new Morgan in the clip looks nice as well, just watched it on Fifth Gear very nice