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  1. diti

    TGL 2015

    Anyone going to TGL 2015? I've booked for Sheffield in June. I want my Bloke to have the experience - I've been to every one since 2008.
  2. diti

    Clarkson gets points for speeding

    Jeremy has been caught by a speed camera. I suppose it was going to happen eventually..... (sorry about it being the Fail, it was the article with the most information)...
  3. diti

    James on Absolute Radio (again)

    James tweeted today that he has recorded an interview for the Breakfast Show on Absolute. It's going out tomorrow (Wednesday) at some point after 8.30am and apparently he will be talking about, amongst other things, his 'favourite ever man movies, and why he?d turn gay for Beethoven.?' James...
  4. diti

    James May at the Grand National

    James appears to be the BBC Sports' 'Presenter Without Portfolio' at the moment. First the Boat Show, now the Grand National. This very informative video was posted earlier today.
  5. diti

    In Val d'Isere for the weekend

    From twitter today Just saw James May coming down the mountain:Top Gear are filming in valdisere for the next few days!? From a ski instructor Teaching this week in val d'isere and just met James May filming. Also this photo, taken there today (evidence on left of photo)
  6. diti

    Classic car crisis

    Okay, I know it's probably my mid-life crisis, but today I've seen a red 1970 Triumph GT6 Mark 2 in really good condition, totally restored and with a beautiful throaty roar, that I can afford. I'm told that there's no road tax and classic insurance is relatively cheap. I'm test driving it...
  7. diti

    Who's having a pop tonight?

    TV/radio seem to be having a "let's have a go at Top Gear" season. "The Thick of It" had a pop on a regular basis, but this is an opportunity to share any others.....(especially the funny/witty/crass ones). George Michael was criticised for swearing on the radio this week, but apparently it was...
  8. diti

    At last, a funny spoof

    Just saw The Impressions Show on BBC1 and the only TG spoof I've ever seen that 1) made me laugh and 2) was reasonably accurate. The ultimate gold-envelope challenge was to see who could blow the most cash the most quickly. Hammond (played by a woman, incidentally) wanted to dig a big hole for...
  9. diti

    Rampant sexism?

    I've just noticed this letter in the Radio Times from last week, referring to some comments from James in their interview for the first "Toy Stories". "ANYTHING YOU CAN DO So "the point of being a man" is to "be able to have a go at anything"? Well, James May (RT, 24 October) the point of...
  10. diti

    Daily Fail gets nasty (again)

    I know I shouldn't bother with the Fail (flagellates self). I usually only read it for a good laugh and it does have an ambivalent attitude to TG, but I can't help but think this article by columnist Allison Pearson today was a bit harsh: "To confirm that the Beeb operates an ugly double...
  11. diti

    TG one-liners

    I love it when there is a little passing comment on some aspect of TG in a newspaper or magazine that is witty and makes me smile. The sort of thing you couldn't really stick into an existing thread because you'd be searching forever. e.g. from today's Guardian, in an article about celebrity...
  12. diti

    TG in Radio Times

    Looks as if someone at the BBC has suddenly gone off the programme - now the season's finished, of course!
  13. diti

    James' cat

    I was sure there was a similar thread already but can't find it. Please forgive if I'm duplicating.... I found this blog while having a random wander on the net. It made me smile, anyway - though perhaps it shouldn't.
  14. diti

    The Spoof This week's offering, passed on without comment (though I can't help feeling FG members could do better, and frequently do): James May, the forty-something presenter of BBC's Top Gear has been made redundant and has therefore become homeless. To a lesser mortal this...
  15. diti

    Weird censorship

    Don't know if anyone uses the subtitles (I do with "live" sections on programmes - it helps when people are talking over one another). I've noticed that BBC can be strangely contradictory about what they actually write up and what they leave out. Tonight on the BBC3 repeat (7 - 8pm) they...
  16. diti

    What do I do now?

    I really need some opinions here! Sorry, this will be long... I took my Mini convertible for its service today at the local Mini dealer, as there was still a prepaid service in the book although the car is nearly 5 years old (I've only had it 2 years). They were only doing the basic and the...
  17. diti

    Fluffy time?

    So I read this earlier today... "Jeremy is really a big softy. There's nothing he likes better than to lie in your lap, and he likes to snuggle at least once a day." News of the World? Sunday Sport? Local cats charity open day - card on a cage for a cat looking to be adopted. "Jeremy" is...
  18. diti

    A 'very grim' meeting

    We've heard it before, of course, but it sounds a bit more serious this time. Let's hope there are no nasty repercussions...
  19. diti

    They must have been watching TG

    From today's Daily Fail... "Two sixth-formers were arrested for driving their cars down a school corridor for a prank on the last day of term. The 18-year-olds propped open the front door of Malmesbury comprehensive school in Wiltshire and drove a red Peugeot 106 and blue Peugeot 205 down the...
  20. diti

    May on Desert Island Discs?

    I'm sure I've seen somewhere (I thought on this forum) a list of the records James chose on Desert Island Discs, but I can't find it on their website or this one. I'm beginning to think I dreamt it and he hasn't even done the programme - or can anyone enlighten me? I've done all the relevant...