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  1. johns13193

    Windows 7 netbook brightness

    I have an eeePC 900ha, and I am having an issue with brightness in Windows 7. Mousing over certain things in firefox (dell's laptop configuration pages) and switching windows causes a momentary dip (%5 or so) in the brightness. What could be causing this? I have eeeCTL, but it doesn't have to be...
  2. johns13193

    Problems OC'ing a q9550 (E0)

    I've been trying to OC my CPU, but keep running into the same problem. No matter what the voltage, fsb, RAM timings (they're at stock) or RAM multiplier it never gets past POST. I've tried a fsb of 334, and even with added voltage, it doesn't POST. It works perfectly fine at normal settings...
  3. johns13193

    Computer boots for a second, and then shuts down

    Today I re-applied the thermal grease on my CPU. All went well, I used a small blob in the center, then reinstalled the cooler. When I went to boot it up, it started, the lights lit up, hard drives/fans spun for about a second, then it shut itself off. It didn't beep at all. I then proceeded to...
  4. johns13193

    Stereo Recievers

    So I was thinking about getting this, and a pair of these and I was wondering if they came with any cables (speaker wire or display cables), or if I need to get them separately. Thanks!
  5. johns13193

    cheap htpc build

    I've recently decided that I need an HTPC, and I figured i'd go cheap (720p vids max, no games, and I have a small feeling that this is an impulse purchase... :rolleyes:) Here's what I have: HEC 6K28BBOH40D case - has 400w PSU Foxconn G31MX-K MicroATX Pentium E2180 w/ stock cooler. Samsung...
  6. johns13193

    Sweet, I have an iPhone! ... wait what?

    So recently I noticed that in My Computer it says I have an iPhone connected to my computer. The only problem is, I don't have an iPhone, nor does anyone who would have access to my computer. When I try to click on it, nothing happens, and a right click only lets me Open (which does nothing)...
  7. johns13193

    So they're going to tear part of my school down!

    ... so everyone is signing the walls in sharpie. The funny thing about this is that the teachers/administrators don't care. Well, sort of, they had a janitor cross out all the offensive stuff (penises, etc :lol:) and such. Sorry for the crappy phone pics (especially the last one), better ones...
  8. johns13193

    Inspiron 4150 random shutdown

    Ok, I have an Inspiron 4150, that I got from someone I know because it was having this problem. What happens is I press the power button, and (depending on how long it has been since my last attempt at booting it) it tries to boot, but shuts down in the middle of the process. No warning at all...
  9. johns13193

    Apps for the iPod touch?

    I've seen these online, but can't find out how do install/get/do anything with them. Anyone know anything about this?
  10. johns13193

    Maxtor HDD issue

    Hi, I have a 180gb Maxtor MaXLine Plus II hard drive (p/n 0050-03131-01, s/n Y66777FE), that has a label capacity of 180 gb, but shows up in windows and bios as 115 gb. I looked for it on the maxtor website, but couldn't even find this drive. Any ideas on how to fix (or at least help) this...
  11. johns13193

    Overclocking a Core 2 Duo e6850?

    What program should i use to do it, and whats the max ghz for it in a Dell Vostro 400?
  12. johns13193

    James, Richard, and skis

    I was watching the race to verbier from season 8, and I realized this. In the polar challenge, while training in the alps, Clarkson is saying that this is "James and Richard's first ever skiing lesson" but in the race to verbier, they are both have skis. Am I the only one who doesn't get this?