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  1. Quadrax

    No 56k: March 717 - 8.8L V8

    I'm happy to present another article i scanned for you all to enjoy. This time it is the March 717 Can-Am car. Read all about this incredible racing car from 40 years ago or just look at the pictures. :)
  2. Quadrax

    No 56k: Porsche 917/30 1500+ bhp (Photos and Article)

    I have a lot of interesting magazine articles about all sorts of great cars. I thought i might share some of them here. If there is enough interest i will scan some more and post them up, so let me know if you enjoy reading this kind of thing. First up i present the mighty Porsche 917/30 Can-Am...
  3. Quadrax

    Nissan 200sx with RB power...

    Australian delivered 200sx, still got street rego! ;) Wheels are Enkei RP03 18x9 +18 all round. Cosmetics will be the last thing to be done with it. Black front bumper is temporary so i could drive it home from the workshop. :P I have all adjustable suspension arms in but still sits on standard...
  4. Quadrax

    Peter Andre : Father of the year! (wtf?)

    Peter Andre father of the year. Maybe he is an awesome dad, i don't know, but i had to laugh when i heard. For those outside the UK and Australia who probably haven't heard of him, his main claim to fame is having a nice set of abs and being married to a walking pair of tits. A great pair...
  5. Quadrax

    Automotive Molester - (56k get with the 21st century)

    Well i modify and tune cars for a living. Mostly japanese turbo sports cars but i will work on pretty much anything. I mainly do custom work, turbo conversions/upgrades, engine conversions. I specialise in ecu tuning, both aftermarket ecu's and retuning factory ecu's. The workshop is equipped...
  6. Quadrax

    Jerry Seinfeld in car accident

    Classic fiat engineering > Jerry Seinfeld Seinfeld Unhurt After Hamptons Car Wreck