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    Ever heard Van Halen's "Eruption" solo? How about played flawlessly by a 14-year-old?

    Ever heard Van Halen's "Eruption" solo? How about played flawlessly by a 14-year-old? Say what you want about her (lack of) presence ... but, really who cares, because HOLY FLIPPING MEATBALLS OF FURY that is some serious skill...
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    Hard drive crash ... backup is five days old :(

    Suddenly, constant hard drive activity for 2-3 minutes, then a slew of random and obscure error messages about missing files and such. I had no choice but to do a hard power-off. Upon booting up, Windows, of course, prompts me to start in safe mode, which hangs and fails. Reboot and I get the...
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    Can't seek 19x04 SD in VLC?

    Anyone having this problem?
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    RANT: Does anyone make a laptop with a keyboard that *doesn't* suck?

    So, my laptop is 5-and-a-bit years old now and I've been starting to look for something new. This is a work machine (web development, programming, etc.), and just about the most important aspect for me is the keyboard, specifically it's layout and quality. But, in my quest for a new laptop, I...
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    Auto rig question

    I have an auto rig setup using a 2" x 2" x 10' square aluminum pipe (exact measurement of widths is actually 2-1/32" or 51mm) and high-power retrieval magnets that attach to the pipe using eyebolts and hose clamps. I was trying to save money, but I now realize that I should have gone the...
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    Another weekend at the drags...

    It's a month late, but oh well. I had the opportunity to shoot the annual drag races put on by the local care club :) Needless to say, I think was the most insane shooter there :P Here are my top ten... Feedback welcome :)
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    YAWTET (Yet Another "What's That Episode" Thread)

    I've looked around and I'm pretty sure this isn't in any of the episode descriptions anywhere (probably because I can't remember the exact situation). I'm looking for the episode where they're talking about some new law in the news segment and Jezza has some rant about the government being a...
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    Some questions for you Mustang guys...

    Thinking about getting an 89 5.0 LX with a 411 rear end. I'm not buying it for fuel economy, obviously, but could I reasonably expect to get... 20-ish on the way? (1 Canadian gallon = ~0.88 US gallon) How much could I improve the handling with larger wheels and low profile tires? How big of a...
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    Cheap, small, quiet computer ... doesn't need to be fast

    Does anyone make a cheap, small, quiet computer around $100-$150? It doesn't need to be anywhere near what would be considered powerful today, I just need to run a LAMP server with one site. It doesn't need to include a hard drive either, I have lots lying around. I currently run it on an old...
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    Nobody cares about data anymore: a rant on the state of smartphones

    I started out using Palm devices years ago before smartphones became the norm. It was great: my calendar, contacts, to do list and notes all in one little electronic gizmo I could take anywhere. OK, so the contact list didn't synchronize with my email client, but use Eudora, which is kind of...
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    GM makes clever Superbowl ad jabbing at Ford, Ford whines like baby

    The ad in question: OK, so the "...didn't drive the longest lasting, most dependable" line was pretty forced and cheesy (do marketing people really think we talk like that? It would have been more comedic just to say, "he drove a Ford"), but the premise was worth a chuckle (also, kudos to GM...
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    Baw thread

    We all need to baw and shed manly tears every once in a while. Kicking off with something from the funny pic thread: I don't have any others at the moment ... will post moar as I find them.
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    YAHP: Yet Another Headphone Thread

    Requirements: noise isolating (not noise canceling) over-ear and foldable for travel OR comfortable earbuds nice full, rounded sound with a good low-end ~$100 I never cared much for the electricity unit in physics, so I don't really know what any of the specifications mean. Go! :P
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    Very strange sendmail issue (CentOS web server)

    So, for a while (and I have no idea why), I've been getting this in my maillog any time I try to send an email anywhere: (I used a local example from admin to another user to simplify things and rule out a connectivity issue) Mar 14 10:42:24 ***** sendmail[9159]: p2EFgO2x009159: from=admin...
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    33:33 Movie Game

    Rules: 1. Screencap movie at 33:33 (one at a time, please) 2. Repliers guess the movie 3. Winner posts next screen cap (see step 1) I'll start us off with an easy one:
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    Looking for RELIABLE and FREE dynamic DNS service with custom domain hosting

    My site is currently down and I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to the dynamic DNS service I use ( It offers free custom domain hosting, but it has not proven reliable. Before I slap down some cash to pay for custom DNS hosting with a provider that I know is more...
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    CIA fails at acronyms

    CIA launches Wikileaks Task Force No, really! :lol: EDIT: DERP. Apparently, I fail, too; I meant "initialism", not acronym. Really, I did.
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    I looked and didn't find a thread on this film. He's not much of a filmmaker (would you hold the dang camera still for one second?!), but it's otherwise very interesting and eye-opening. I know gas/oil companies are dicks, but the sheer level of irresponsibility and bold-faced lying truly...
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    Ever hear a 240sx with a straight-pipe?

    OK, not technically a straight pipe... more like, the exhaust system fell off the manifold :lol: Normally, it sounds like a ... regular four-pot, pretty much. Still... :lol:
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    Sorry to do this, but... from what episode is this?

    Yes, I've searched Google, the Wiki, asked #gear, etc. I'm looking for the episode where Hammond is putting a Morgan on the cool wall (Aero 8 or Aeromax, I don't remember) and he goes cross-eyed to demonstrate it. He says something to the effect of, "girls like a bloke with a bit of a squint"...