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  1. Gibby

    Tiff Needell no longer a presenter

    Seems like someone at discovery channel has decided that Fifth Gear would be better without Tiff :( From Tiffs Twitter: "Unfortunately someone @DiscoveryUK has decided @FifthGearTV will be a better show without me. Sad time for me as I was pivotal in the creation of the programme but if you do...
  2. Gibby

    Cancer Sucks

    Totally gutting news. Thoughts with his family. RIP Viper007Bond.
  3. Gibby

    Video: New TG Trailer

    I was at the first episode studio record yesterday and the updated team have good chemistry now. They have broken clean away from last season and made a fair amount of changes to the show and it looks promising.
  4. Gibby

    Video: New TG Trailer

    New Trailer released today, dont think its been posted yet.
  5. Gibby

    New TopGear track?

    Not sure if this has already been posted, but just seen that the planning application for Dunsfold has been approved and the airfield is to close. Guessing TopGear will be needing to find a new home. BBC Link
  6. Gibby

    Spoilers: Season 1 spoilers

    Oddly I was researching our local airfield (Blackbushe 5 minutes up the road) and came across this video. Don't believe its been posted but its definately footage of GT
  7. Gibby

    Spoilers: Season 23 spoilers

    Interesting changes to the track if true: From Matt Neals Twitter
  8. Gibby

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    Interesting to hear Tiff Needell talk of the end of TopGear. (Recorded before Wednesdays announcement)
  9. Gibby

    TOP GEAR in Argentina

    James May spoke about the 'Argentina incident' on Absolute Radio this morning: Link
  10. Gibby

    Fifth Gear Axed?

    Just seen that Tiff Needell tweeted this before tonights Fifth Gear Link The tweet was then retweeted by Jason Plato Is it the end of the road for Fifth Gear again??
  11. Gibby

    [21x04] February 23rd, 2014

    Great Episode. 9/10 from me.
  12. Gibby

    Fifth Gear is back! Feb 24th, 2014

    Great news!!
  13. Gibby

    [21x02] February 9th, 2014

    Great episode. I Can understand why they are not using the Stig at the moment, given that Britain is currently underwater. 9/10
  14. Gibby

    Top Gear back 2nd February 2014!!

    Two new Top Gear trails:
  15. Gibby

    Clarkson: Jezza & Hamster on Chris Evans 29-11-13

    thanks for the heads up!
  16. Gibby

    Top Gear- The Perfect Road Trip

    I pre-ordered this on Amazon earlier today, today seemingly being the day it was released on iTunes.... Bugger.
  17. Gibby


    Thought this video was worth adding to this thread. Bittern at 90mph.
  18. Gibby

    [20x04] July 21st, 2013

    Saw this on the Twitter. Would imagine this was the van that sunk at the beginning of the episode?
  19. Gibby

    Top Gear Sydney Special?

    Saw this mentioned on the Top Gear BBC America Facebook page. Not seen it available for download though...