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  1. Glopaticki

    Ripping, Uploading, Torrents

    Hey just thought about the ripping of the Aus episodes of TG, and i can record em, just wondering what the preferred size is, also where do i go abouts uploading the episode on a torrent. Also just thought i'd mention do i need to permently seed the file because as some of you Aussies know our...
  2. Glopaticki

    TG Interviews Aussie Presenters

    Here's the interviews IMO they sound like they are trying too hard, and Cox has got me worried about he comments when he says a passion for Aussie cars, i just hope the show isn't just on the aussie car
  3. Glopaticki

    TGA Location??

    Hey fellas just wondering what your opinion is on where TGA will be presented? QLD, NSW, VIC?? IMO they have to target as much people as possible so i think Eastern Creek is a good choice. I know its not the best track around but being only 30 or so km from the Sydney CBD, its a good choice...