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  1. motogpboy

    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence (More on the story in the link) Well boo fucking hoo. Finally coming to bite them back in the ass isn't it? They held the western nations hostage for a good part of the last 40 years and now that we're trying to decrease our...
  2. motogpboy

    Favourite Cocktails-Recommendations Thread

    Just thought I'd start a thread where we could talk about our favourite drinks to have, what we like about them, and also why we'd recommend them to other members. Also, feel free to list recipes for variations on the classic cocktails that you tend to enjoy, so that the rest of us can try them...
  3. motogpboy

    Just finished Atlas Shrugged.. Thoughts?

    I know this is a book, but the entire point of said book is to advance Ayn Rand's Political philosophy... How many of you have read it? If you haven't..if you can last through an almost 1,100 page book I highly recommend it; both for the story and for the message behind it. No matter what your...
  4. motogpboy

    For those of you with Facebook, test out my new F1 quiz?

    Hey guys...was just messing around tonight and decided to make a short 10 question quiz on F1... I'm imagining it will be a lot easier with this crowd since well, a lot of us are F1 junkies but I imagine to the average person it's quite difficult. So if you have the time (And a Facebook) I'd...
  5. motogpboy

    Your thoughts about Simbin's "Race On"

    Race On Official Website What are you guys starting to think of Simbin? This is honestly getting VERY tiring. They add a few cars, A few tracks... and expect us to pay $20 more for it? When we just did the same thing THREE TIMES before? If you bought Race, Race 07, GTR Evolution, STCC, and...
  6. motogpboy

    Merc 190e 2.3 Evo1??

    Saw this today in San Ramon, California while driving my buddy's M6.. The badge says it is a 2.3-16 which would make it an Evo 1... but the rear end is all wrong. It even has an aftermarket brake light right under the spoiler it seems? Has anyone seen this on an evo 1 before? Is it a normal...
  7. motogpboy

    2009 NCAA Tournament

    Well the Brackets are out and the schools are all spoken for. Kind of sad to see St. Mary's snubbed as they're a local school to me... But my current Uni, Cal is the #7 seed in the West and we're playing the #10 seed, Maryland at noon on Thursday. I'm not sure how we're going to do as we...
  8. motogpboy

    Which country has the best collection of racing circuits?

    Did a search but didn't find a previous poll on this topic and I thought it would be a fun topic to discuss. Things to consider: Quality of the major circuits in said country and also the amount of quality circuits in that country. Only take into consideration currently functioning circuits...
  9. motogpboy

    2009 World Superbike

    Surprised there isn't a thread for this yet though most of us bike guys hang out in the Moto GP thread... That being said I really think this year is going to be the most exciting in World Superbike since 2002. I'm EXTREMELY excited. USA!! USA!! USA!!
  10. motogpboy

    2006 WRX

    Here she is on Lake Almanor And just another shot She's got a Vishnu stage 1 kit, prodrive exhaust, a kartboy short shift linkage, and a few other odds and ends. Love her :)
  11. motogpboy

    2009 Champions League discussion

    Well we've finally made it to the knockout rounds. Inter vs. United is on right now on ESPN... What a tough draw for both of these sides! Round of 16 and you have the top club in Serie A against the top club in the Premiership? Ouch. United seem to be controlling play easily in the first...
  12. motogpboy

    Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night Video for those of you who haven't seen it yet.. What do you guys think? Is his whole "quitting acting" thing and starting a "rap career" a hoax on the level of something kaufman would do? Or do you really think he's flipped his lid? Either way this...