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    Camaro Expertise

    Wtf was that Top Gear news about a camaro expert needed in Miami? Doesn't appear to be anything relevant in any top gear episode this season..
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    New Camaro in Transformers Movie

    Wow, this is cool. The new camaro (and an older one) are going to be in a transformers movie. (As well as a mustang) there's also some other cool news there
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    Zagato Ferrari 575GTZ

    Yoshiyuki Hayashi is a famous Japanese car collector, who owns numerous cars of great historical value, including several Ferraris such as the 166MM, the 250 Spider California, two Daytonas ? a coup? and a spider ? and the Enzo. In the classic tradition of the keen purchaser of exclusive cars...
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    2008 Supra Damn, that's hot. Sorry if it's been posted before, but I don't think it has.
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    Stig Music

    When they talk about what the Stig is listening to, is that just another joke (such as the whole concept of the Stig, etc?) I think they had one car on that had no radio, yet the Stig was listening to music they said.. Another one had no radio, and they mentioned he wasn't listening to anything...
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    Wrecks / Crashes

    Have any of the Top Gear team crashed or wrecked a car (not on purpose), while filming Top Gear? Such as on the track, a road test, or what not. Obviously, they drive fast by nature, and with so many cars there has to be a few oopsies. Anyone know of any? Specifically the car, what happened...