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  1. frosty57

    RUSH the movie

    After watching the latest Top Gear I had to find out more about the Ron Howard movie 'Rush'' A story about the 1976 F1 fight between James Hunt and Niki Lauder. From all I have been able to find so far it looks brilliant. I was awe smacked when I watched Senna and now this one, WOW!!! Go to...
  2. frosty57

    Spoilers: Rumor on who is to be new stig

    In Melbourne Australia we have a radio station call 3AW and every morning they have a section called the Rumor File. This is a segment where people call in with anonaminity to give rumours about current events from all areas of life. It has a very high success rate with rumors being true, e.g...
  3. frosty57

    Competition for a new Stig, who would you suggest

    Like James Bond has been we need to run a competition with suggestions for a new Stig. We all know there have been several Stig's before just like there have been many actors who have portrayed James Bond. So now it is our turn to suggest some replacements for Stig. I will start with Nigel...