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  1. Carmen's Revenge

    Crap Vehicles Thread

    Okay everyone has their dream cars and on an established forum like FG we have a lot of pro drivers and middle aged gentlement who have managed to obtain their dream vehicles. But people like me just having started work (or plain live in nations with as much financial freedom as North Korea)...
  2. Carmen's Revenge

    Who doesn't eat breakfast :P

    I don't, in a vain attempt to lose weight. They say everyone gets bigger and bigger past a certain age. I want to reverse that so I can remain forever a small cute kitten :3 meow
  3. Carmen's Revenge

    Game: Who likes Classic / Retro Gaming?

    New games are all pomp and glam, but IMO, if I really wanted a "thinking man's" gaming experience, I prefer the old games where everything resembled a labour of love, not a half-assed "sequel" thrown together so fast, it didn't have a singleplayer campaign, or even a manual. Here's a few...