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  1. Redliner

    If You Were a Car, What Car Would You Be?

    I see A LOT, and I mean A LOT of them around here, but that doesn't mean much, I know. :P
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    If You Were a Car, What Car Would You Be?

    And sturdy and reliable?
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    If You Were a Car, What Car Would You Be?

    Brown, farty and getting bigger each year?
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    An Aussie in Texas, March 14-24, 2019.

    Poor car fled his home country, crossed the ocean and is STILL bullied by Aussie Ford owners.
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    MY MAN Exactly what I would have done with those 3 cars. I like this thematic choices. Buy the Performante because it's FUCKING AWESOME Drive the LFA because rare and Yamaha tuned exhaust Burn the Viper because meh. It's a huge axe: does the job but without much finesse. Brazilian shitbox...
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    Buy the Carrera GT (One of the last analog racecars. Driver skill required. V10 howl) Drive the Veyron (I don't like this car, but 1001hp must be fun. Also, it was a huge step forward in technology.) Burn the Enzo (The most "meh" of the Ferrari supercars. Give me an F40/50 or LaFerrari anyday...
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    Ownership Verified: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500

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    Buy the S2000 Drive the MR2 Burn the NB Jaguar E-Type Citröen SM Alfa Romeo Giulia
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    That band has a 18-year-old black, Italian, left-handed girl playing the guitar and kicking ass. That was unexpected.
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    So much to unpack here.
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    Ownership Verified: That time FinalGear bought a Munich Roadster (MX-5) to drive from Germany to Finland

    I forgot you had this...glad to see the project mocing along.
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    Entire field of MotoE bikes destroyed by fire

    Oh wow, a piece of news about a fire turned quickly into a flamewar. Kinda sad to see this happen here, a community that is usually a place where thoughtful... you know what, fuck it.
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    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Wow. I see the reasoning for front plates on motorcycles, but this could have gone smoother.
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    Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?

    YES We need more stupid, insane, aposematic cars.
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    The Gun thread

    Thanks for the replies. I don't have any more pictures. Those were the only ones released in the media.
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    The Gun thread

    OK I need the opinions of people that know better than me. Context: the police apreheended 117 lowers hidden in the home of a police officer. That is the fact. The discussion now is: the guy in charge of the operation said those are "fake" lowers, meaning they are counterfeit branded H&K. Some...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I bet on rotary frying wiring harness. So, FD RX-7 :LOL:
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    Random Thoughts....

    NOT AT ALL OBVIOUS :LOL: But yes "Sol e chuva, casamento de viúva". I am not sure if that is also a saying in Portugal.
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    Random Thoughts....