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  1. ninjacoco

    Unverified Ownership The Electric Banana - 2012 Jeep Patriot

    It's like an Easter egg in car form!
  2. ninjacoco

    An Aussie in Texas, March 14-24, 2019.

    I'm down in Austin in case anyone ends up down here. Meet the Puffalumps!
  3. ninjacoco

    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    Probably. I've been lumpier than usual, yet the Puffalumps always feel good. I should squeeze a Puffalump. Also, you might have one more camper. I should figure out how to attend.
  4. ninjacoco

    Random Thoughts....

    I may be freelance (which is a terrifying euphemism for "unemployed," if we're honest) right now, but my DMs/email/snail mail/sketchy meeting behind the VW 411 are always open to leaking the Trump pee pee tape. I don't even write about politics, but that is the scoop of a lifetime and I'd do it...
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    Random Thoughts....

    lol let's hear him talk about pee pee like that to Bear Grylls
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    No 56k: A thread about ninjacoco's balls

    "Big Balls" (I can't go with "Ball Sacks" because my balls are too large to fit within a puny meatsack.)
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    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    man, I always feel bad
  8. ninjacoco

    Traffic violations in Europe

    Interesting. (I don't know if I remember my account information.)
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    Random Thoughts....

    I mean, I wish I had less of them.
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    From Alex's Family - Donations

    Thanks for the update, and as IceBone said, "I'm sorry for your loss" seems like an understatement.
  11. ninjacoco

    How to help Fuck Cancer

    I think I might be medically out per the guidelines online :( but I'll ask about it anyway. Maybe there's a specific thing they're looking to avoid in the brain injury section.
  12. ninjacoco

    No 56k: A thread about ninjacoco's balls

    Hell yeah!
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    Cancer Sucks

    I also wrote up some thoughts on Alex's passing and lasting legacy on one of the outlets I write for: It's been absolutely incredible to see how many people came...
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    No 56k: A thread about ninjacoco's balls

    (posted with mods' blessing, and by mods, I mean Thomas) MY BALLS ARE EVERYWHERE just as they've always been, but lately, my writing's all over the place, too, so I made a parshtreon to keep up with it: There's a parshletter of Good Unpublished Thoughts if...
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    What car(s) did you hate at launch but have grown to like as time has passed? Or vice versa

    I can't imagine liking the Cayenne at launch, but now..........I need one.
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    No 56k: A thread about ninjacoco's balls

    Ah, yes. There is no ballroom large enough for deez.
  17. ninjacoco

    Cancer Sucks

    I'm just gutted. Vaya con burritos, man. Thanks for bringing us nuts all together.
  18. ninjacoco

    Post a pic of yourself

    Ever eat hearts? Chicken hearts are good.
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    Random Thoughts....

    { scratches balls }
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    Feedback on a donation program/status?

    my title is already fabulous, but okay