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  1. thomas

    Ownership Verified: Andeh's 1927 Chrysler 60

    Bring it to Ringmeet?! :D Needs a lap!! (shotgun!)
  2. thomas

    Welcome to XenForo

    To fix the image-randomization-issue, I disabled the image proxy for now. I will have to see if that has any negative effects, but I am being optimistic that it'll be fine. I am hoping there won't be many reasons to mistrust the userbase here when it comes to bad links that are not from a https...
  3. thomas

    Ownership Verified: A Proper Four Cylinder Honda [2002 Honda 919]

    That's the third vehicle you've sold since I last saw you less than half a year ago I think? Are you ok buddy? Do you feel alright?!?
  4. thomas

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]
  5. thomas

    MIB is back

    Looks mostly fine but also a bit like a cheap remake.. will most definitely watch anyway, but probably not at the cinema...
  6. thomas

    TG Specific Episodes and What's That Song - Private?

    Fixed, should be visible and accessable now.
  7. thomas

    Welcome to XenForo

    For some reason there are a bunch of those specific subforums that have odd permissions preventing anyone from reading other people's threads. I changed it for the two mentioned subforums for now and will try to find out if that is something Alex did on purpose or some bug, error or mistake..
  8. thomas

    My fight with liver failure has ended...

    Yes, I think that the conversation was along the lines of you and me "hospital, asap!", and "you think?" followed by then you again with "dead co-worker"... So in the circumstances I guess I'm glad you got 3 years out of it :(
  9. thomas

    My fight with liver failure has ended...

    Yeah.. I distinctly remember telling him to go to the fucking hospital ASAP! Sadly years later, still not the desired result. :(
  10. thomas

    My fight with liver failure has ended...

    I told you before and I'll do it again, it just sucks .. so much.. you'll still have to make it to Do against all odds.. :(
  11. thomas

    Ownership Verified: 2018 Durango GT and 2013 Audi S5

    Currently disabled due to account access after Alex's passing. We're working on it, though!
  12. thomas

    Ownership Verified: 2018 Durango GT and 2013 Audi S5

    Welcome back, despite the circumstances! Hereby verified! Also, yes, very much yes to the SRT with the next upgrade :P
  13. thomas

    Forum Suggestions / Issues

    Try again in entertainment please. Neither of the two forums have settings differing from any other forum, they should all allow the upload of attachments for donors, as those settings are inherited. I manually set it to allowed in entertainment for testing purposes now.
  14. thomas

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Well, time to catch up here I guess :rolleyes::D I started a few month ago, yet again running out of space on my plethora of small harddrives, clogging up all available SATA ports.. and then one of my 500GB drives got a SMART warning but remained functional.. But at that point I figured I...
  15. thomas

    3D Printing

    Ringmeet test objects? 😂 I'll look into the ender3 and report back :)
  16. thomas

    3D Printing

    Fuck.. I want a 3D printer.. because reasons..! What's the cost of admission these days for a simple one, and what's the sweet spot? Or is that based on what one wants to print? (I don't really have an answer for that)
  17. thomas

    Cancer Sucks

    Sir, you are getting old and forgetful..
  18. thomas

    Welcome to XenForo

    That is already on my list and I am still looking for that specific option. I haven't found that specific line just yet, but the one right above it where it has the filter selected "show new only" or whatever its called, fixed that one at least.. I'll keep looking for the other stuff.
  19. thomas

    Welcome to XenForo

    I also intend to make a dark/red theme once I tweaked the classic red one.