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  1. Labcoatguy

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    The Mulsanne S doesn't have a turbo, so nothing of value was lost.
  2. Labcoatguy

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Thankfully I get the full effect of that with the Jag and its muffler deletes, and it drones way less than letting rust do the mod.
  3. Labcoatguy

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    The flex pipe on the Saab just rusted through. For once I'm glad that the turbo has a muffling effect.
  4. Labcoatguy

    The general Massachusetts meetup thread

    Could be tricky; I work in downtown Boston now so it'll be hard to get out there in time, plus I have a needy senior dog. Name a Thursday and I can try though.
  5. Labcoatguy

    Bond 25 - Possible title “Eclipse” - "Shatterhand" ruled out by producer Barbara Broccoli

    Oh joy, Craig's Diamonds are Forever. This'll be fun.
  6. Labcoatguy

    The Post Your Pets Thread

    9 and a half now, still going pretty strong though she is slowing down a bit.
  7. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: Keep it in the Family -- 1995 Jaguar XJR

    Is that other person still selling that XJ12? I wonder how easy it would be to swap the manual into that.
  8. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: Twin Turbo Side of Ranch

    Well I feel like a fool for guessing an AMG V12. Good real-life test of that twin-turbo setup though if it can survive real ranch use like that.
  9. Labcoatguy

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Some sort of AMG Mercedes, like a S600 or CL600?
  10. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: 1989 Corolla, this is a car.

    Oh cool, my parents had one of those when I was a ki- :eek: :motherofgod:
  11. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: Wake me up once your turbo spooled up - Meet Scotty, D-Fence's supercharged Mini

    Awesome! There aren't enough supercharged small cars around. You gonna do a Scottish flag on the roof?
  12. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: The horse has bolted. Meet the Pferdchen!

    Not gonna lie, I thought the title meant yet another German had bought a Mustang. Interesting choice!
  13. Labcoatguy

    What Models Don't Feel Like Their Brand?

    Every current Jaguar except the F-Type.
  14. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: The £480 Lexus

    Sweet Jesus. Nice find!
  15. Labcoatguy

    Post Your Watches

    Tried a couple of 18mm straps; the gaps look much less egregious when not zoomed in with a macro lens. The brown one is kind of reddish in daylight.
  16. Labcoatguy

    Cancer Sucks

    I must echo all the sentiments expressed here. Alex, should there be anything you would ask of us, do let us know, whether individually or en masse.
  17. Labcoatguy

    Post Your Watches

    I finally did it: pulled the trigger on an Omega Speedmaster FOIS. Still wrapping my head around the idea of a watch that costs more than a usable car, but overall I like it.
  18. Labcoatguy

    Cancer Sucks

    Yikes, that really sucks.
  19. Labcoatguy

    Lost my wife

    :( My condolences.
  20. Labcoatguy

    Best of eBay and Craigslist

    Does it have a manual swap?