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  1. WDWBen

    2019 F1 Season thread

    Not a lot of high-speed tracks left, if I recall. Maybe just Monza? As for a Mercedes slip-up, I only see that happening if Bottas elevates his game, and he and Hamilton have some sort of collision because they're racing each other a little too hard.
  2. WDWBen

    2019 F1 Season thread

    Predictions for France? I think Mercedes once again returns to form, but I see a good challenge from Red Bull with the new power unit upgrades coming from Honda. While Paul Ricard looks to be a circuit for the faster, more powerful Ferraris, I don't think they've cracked the code on tires and...
  3. WDWBen

    Unverified Ownership My summer fling: 2018 Miata Club

    Nah, he's talking about that storage bin between the seats that we also have in addition to the proper glovebox in the proper location for a glovebox :)
  4. WDWBen

    Unverified Ownership My summer fling: 2018 Miata Club

    "Glovebox?" asks the snarky NC2 driver.
  5. WDWBen

    2019 F1 Season thread

    Vettel: "My car was sliding." Stewards: ¯\(ツ)/¯ Vettel: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  6. WDWBen

    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    This is a new thread to me. Well, I've become a product owner at work as of last month. Sadly, it seems to be a bit like 93Flareside's "promotion" where it's just another hat I wear in the meantime with no monetary compensation, but maybe that'll change when the VC company that bought us takes...
  7. WDWBen

    My fight with liver failure has ended...

    To follow up, in Judaism (which I bring up because it's something Steve and I shared), it is believed that someone's soul, their nefesh, in death lives on in everybody that knew them in life. At least, that's what I learned from my rabbi. So everybody in Steve's life holds a part of Steve. When...
  8. WDWBen

    Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

  9. WDWBen

    Ownership Verified: Katwalk's 2017 Abarth Fiat 500c

    What a great noise those little cars make!
  10. WDWBen

    Ownership Verified: Polishing a turd. 1973 GMC Sprint, with a side of XJ

    Cherokee looks nice! Also, was that a black widow?!
  11. WDWBen

    My fight with liver failure has ended...

    May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.
  12. WDWBen

    Ownership Verified: Andeh's 1927 Chrysler 60

    That would be absolutely amazing. I bet it would garner so much attention, and the good kind of attention.
  13. WDWBen

    2019 F1 Season thread

  14. WDWBen

    2019 F1 Season thread

    8 races with 8 different winners... maybe I should be watching Formula E instead of 1... this race looked FAR more exciting:
  15. WDWBen

    2019 F1 Season thread

    I honestly feel like they do this to motivate Lewis. Remember all the times Hamilton complains about some tiny problem with his car during the race, goes on to win, and talks about how he overcame this huge thing and still managed to win? He needs to be the hero of his own story, and feel like...
  16. WDWBen

    2019 F1 Season thread

    Mercedes has this season in the bag. I'm so sick and tired of hearing them talk about how Ferrari will best them this time, and that Mercedes isn't as fast as they look, et cetera. This season is so boring! Four Mercedes 1-2s in four races, and we didn't even get a safety car during the Baku race.
  17. WDWBen

    Ownership Verified: Meet Luigi DeVito! That's right, another MX-5! Sorry.

    I love the way the instrument cluster barely changed between the NA and NC models.
  18. WDWBen

    Ownership Verified: Oh no, they've got another one - leviathan's MX-5 NC

    Keep le MX-5! Or, if you want a roof that's not cloth, buy MY MX-5!
  19. WDWBen

    Ownership Verified: wdwben's 2012 MX-5 PRHT (yup, another one)

    Yeah, I think I'm due quite soon. I think I even bought the right stuff a few months back and just haven't had a chance to get it done yet. I'm a bit tapped out right now because of that stupid bearing >_<
  20. WDWBen

    Ownership Verified: The New Off Road Hack

    That's a proper bloody off-roader! I see Wranglers and pickups here in FL with 18,000 LED light-bars and snorkels and big chrome wheels under 33" heavy-duty off-roading tires. I can promise you with wheels like that, thought, they don't see a lick of dirt. Your car, on the other hand, it's done...