Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?


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Apr 2, 2007
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You already admitted torque is part of the equation for power, so you already admitted that power is a factor.
Power is a function of torque, so no it doesn't actually matter, if it did matter Tremec wouldn't have rated their transmissions in terms of torque only, which they clearly do.
You can't possibly prove that it did meet Ford's durability standards anymore than I can prove it didn't.
That wasn't your only claim, you claimed Tremec makes different transmissions because you can't just reconfigure an existing one, their own datasheets prove you completely wrong. Ford put an MT82 into their 2018 Mustangs that has an astonishing failure rate at stock power levels, their durability requirements are not exactly stringent.
Mostly, I just get bored with your arguing over the smallest rhing.
That's funny I remember you responding to my post (that was in response to @CrzRsn in the first place). So now that you can't argue your way out of this you want to back pedal? Own up to entering a discussion you were clearly ill equipped to have and stop trying to act like you are above it all.

Get over it, or buy an older one with what you want.
Also in general, I don't remember asking you for car advice.