A compilation of articles and videos regarding income inequality in the United States

Mr. Nice

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Dec 6, 2007
I've been hesitant to weigh in on this conversation, and, inevitably, will regret doing so.

It's not income inequality in general that people are upset about, but this is something that a mouth breather can't understand. It's the amount of income inequality that causes problems. Countries have a certain amount of GDP per capita. In the U.S.A. this number is currently about $59,000 annually. How this gets distributed can have great consequences over time.

If you know your history, you'll know that income inequality is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, for the 16th amendment, which established our progressive system of income tax in 1913. This era, the era of the robber barons, and the gilded age, also led to the anti-trust laws that broke up companies like Standard Oil. These anti-trust laws have been largely neutered over time, but they do still exist.


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