Ownership Verified: Another chick's car: Ford Falcon BA XR6


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Feb 1, 2007
Dallas, Texas
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Just FYI, EBC has a patented upgrade rotor that's great for heavier cars - dimpled and slotted. Most of the benefits of drilled without the disadvantages of cracking, shattering, etc., etc.

I wouldn't use any crossdrilled rotors that weren't cast/forged as such, as Bobole23 mentions. I sure as hell wouldn't use crossdrilled rotors on heavier vehicles unless provided by the OEM.


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Nov 30, 2008
Sydney, Australia
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It’s been pretty quiet on the Falcon front. Nothing much gone wrong, no major dramas.
Car was due for registration while I was over in Texas, so before I left I knew I had to do something about it’s rear tyres. One just wasn’t holding air anymore (I was unable to re-inflate it when I tried), and they were both on the worn side.

That turned out to be an understatement, as I jacked the car up in the garage and removed the wheels.

After getting the new tyres mounted and balanced, I brought them home and re-fitted the wheels.
Then I promptly left the country, and the XR6 tucked away safely in the garage.


Upon return, I forgot that it was unregistered (I hadn’t been able to get it inspected prior to leaving), and drove to the local shops. Oops.
Returned home uneventfully, and borrowed the Astra from work for a couple of days.

Grabbed the trade plate that we have for such an event, took the car to work, and left it to be inspected while I was busy.
It of course passed with no problems.
I then handed over rather a lot of money (thanks NSW RMS!:censored:), and now have the car back on the road legally, for another 12 months.

I have it booked in for an alignment next week, to avoid a repeat of the wear seen above.

My bump stops have seen better days, but they’re not ruined, so I’ll have to change them (again) in the nearish future. Brake pads are OK. Exhaust and hangers look fine. Sway bars and bushes look just as good as when I installed them. Shocks and springs are good too.

Still haven’t got around to the front brake upgrade (yes, I know). It’s not gotten that much worse over the time I’ve known about the warping. It’s not a concern for now, but rotors will be changed the next time it needs pads, though that could be quite awhile yet.

Finally bought a dash cam, so that needs to be properly fitted. I had one late last year which failed after a couple of days, once I’d hidden all the wiring and such. This made me very angry.

Still very happy with my car, do not regret!!:wub::wub:


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Feb 14, 2007
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I am jealous of you Aussies and your Barra fords. I have said it before, but your car is awesome!