Clarkson: Cheap Clarkson book at Borders (Australia)


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Jul 12, 2005
Adelaide Hills, Australia
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Just giving you the heads up that Borders has The Clarkson Collection (a compendium with 'The World According To Clarkson', 'Clarkson on Cars' and 'You Know You Got Soul') advertised on their website for $19.95.

That said, Borders in Adelaide is currently selling it for $9.95, and I'm still doing a happy dance for finally being able to use that Borders gift card I've had in my bottom drawer since 2004.

Borders also have a 3-for-2 deal, and I spotted some Clarkson and May books in the 3-for-2 section, as well as Richard Hammond's 'On The Edge'. I might have to leave a Borders catalogue lying around for Mrs Tone to give her some ideas for Fathers Day ... ;)

Of course, for any non-Aussies reading this, you can disregard this post. :D