Icetrack Meet 2020 - Breaking old Rekords


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Once again, some track action was going on at Pudasjärvi airfield. And despite having many things up in the air up to last minute (as usual), for once I managed to document some of weekends activities.

I'll start from Wednesday, where some German & Slovenian invasion forces were expected to arrive at my place in the afternoon. Meanwhile I got off work at around 10, to go to work on my still unfinished Toyota, that I was supposed to drive north the next day..

With some help and parts from @Posmo, some surprises under the hood were prepared for meet attendants.

I hope I'll get around to update my PYC threads at some point as well. But as a quick recap the head was off due to a headcasket failure. @Posmo ported the head on the same go and built a completely untested dual carb setup that went in (and came out again) on Sunday for the first time. Both intake and carbs were having sealing issues, so new attempt to mount the intake was in the program on Wednesday. So much room for activities, yet none to mount the intake..

The invasion force was eventually stopped at the other side of the bay, which gave me about 1.5h for test driving and adjusting the new setup. More zipties and stuff would be needed the next day still, but there were more important issues, like firing up the sauna for my guests.
Trying out excellent winter gear, before heading to the garage for last minute fixes on both attending vehicles

I hope rest of the people will step in with some pictures, as I was too busy working on the car and trying to pack all the stuff in to the small Toyota. Eventually we got going and apart from very slippery weather and one car on euro winter tyres the journey north went surprisingly smoothly. Well, apart from DX indicating it really didn't like anything falling from the sky, as the whole engine bay got a little moist, causing minor starting issues.

On to Friday at the cabin. Returning from breakfast shopping run, there were some invaders heading out to the track. Expectations of euro beat intensifying were had, as we followed their activities on the track.

Breakfast ready for people staggering out of their rooms

Then, as usual it was time to head out to the track. Snowmobile tracks that is. Only 4 people attending this year. Which was a shame, as both weather and tracks were pretty much perfect this year.

Plenty of fun was had and apart from needing to change one sled in the middle of the drive and me flipping the said machine over while waiting for a replacement, we got a nice ride out of them. Meanwhile at the cabin a service crew had politely attacked mah Toy yoda, replacing spark plugs and the alternator belt, that snapped on Thursday evening, right after arriving to the cabin (600km drive).

On to Saturday, first of our track days. Lovely car, lovely weather, apart from temperature dropping rapidly.

While waiting for people to get up, the Sierra was crowned

Adrian receiving stuff he had forgotten to previous meets

Unfortunately common occurence in previous years. Saturday morning, most people aren't even up yet and 3 cars with bonnet up already.

Plenty of damage was caused on very thorough spin, ruining one car almost straight from the go

Later in the day some cones were utilised for a track layout, which also seemed to contain new damage to remaining vehicles. Although DX did overcook itself two times later in the afternoon. No clear reason why, other than the radiator was frozen shut for some reason.

And because of that, sunday started with more radiating action

I guess some grime had dislodged again, as the stuff that came out of the radiator looked a bit too much like fine gravel than it needs to. This would be about the fifth time I’m cleaning the coolant system, trying to clear the system of gdpo induced rad leak mess.

After that it was back to the track again. Afternoon lighting provided some nice views.

Good for some group shots, unfortunately missing a Norwegian Volvo that was already on its way back home.

Signs of the constant need of BMW repairs

Later in the evening, while some cooking was going on

Official race attire was put on for evening time trials at the track (instead of around the cabin, as usual)

Monday morning brought on a sneak attack

And after we got going the BMW of @Peter3hg decided it had had enough abuse and gave in after 50km or so. So unfortunately a stop at a local wreckers was put in the travel plan. DX was blending in nicely..

After that, a traditional burger stop at Kauppuri 5 was in order, before hitting the road to head south. Exhaust on the DX was breaking apart in various places, so it was a nice and comfy travelling all the way. Its big brother was spotted on our first stop as well.

Constant snowfall (engine bay moisture issues) and the exhaust falling apart, in addition to question mark around the cooling system made for a relaxing drive. But it made it! ..Within 3km of my house. Stopped at my local shop front to take a short video of the exhaust, as didn’t want to do that at my house. Right at that moment the heater core hose split, soaking the distributor, leaving me needing a tow for the last stretch.

Back home, aquiring a bonus Omega as well.

All in all, things went better than expected. On my front at least. Unfortunately there was some political squabble going on at the airfield, so extra activities were more limited than what was planned. Maybe next year.
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My shots

Arriving at the cabin on friday

The Omega

Ofc. any drift missile needs downforce!


Once again it was nice outside. Not as cold as last year.

Getting ready for the group photo


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Here is my set of photos!

start of the Convoy from @DaBoom place (sometimes i was the lead car, was it because of the cruise?):

Friday afternoon snomobiling 1:

Friday afternoon snomobiling 2 panorama with a nice view:

Snowmobiles we had, i liked the big utilitarian one (on the left):

Panorama to setting sun from the airfield:

@loose_unit doing his cameraman magic with his fancy phone!

Alfa after some drifts:

Thanks to @loose_unit's excellent pictures, i made this gif:

Rest of the pictures are located here: Icetrackmeet 2020!
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Right, pictures of my first icemeet

A distance had to be driven

Some great driving conditions on the way

First one to arrive!

Some ballast were added on the way to aid traction

Friday was time to snowmobile! Fantastic fun

And the rest of the week was spent on the airfield doing a little bit of this. Great photos from @loose_unit