Ownership Verified: Numero 26, Vespa!


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May 10, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
Berlingo, Vespa


I have a Vespa!

So happy!

Friend of mine bought smallframe Vespa 90 last summer for next to nothing. After devilish test drive (yes one of those scary ones where you give your soul to xxx and see if you come back with it or having lost it) I fell in love and have not wanted others own like I did.
One year later and lots of searching friend found it and phone'd me, "LOOK AT YOUR MESSAGE'S" to where I answered "YES" and hung up the phone rudely. Oh hell yes, there it was, cheap Vespa for sale and I read it until it said "started at first kick after winter" before I called the owner and headed to see it. On the way I realized that it was same year model Vespa Primavera than I was (1975) and it all ready had Polini Big Bore kit! Instead of stock 125cc it had, hold thight, 133cc and power pipe (expansion model).
Seller also noted (that I did not care pay too much attention, you know, it was cheap) that it needs coil and it tries to kick 4th gear .

So to the name, same friend of mine phoned me few months earlier and said the same magic words "LOOK AT YOUR MESSAGE'S" to where I answered "YES" and hung up the phone rudely. 26 minutes later I owned dirt cheap slightly used Genelec 6010 that I badly needed. So it happened again, not realizing it I looked what time it was after I shook hands and I had bought a Vespa 26 minutes from the phone call.

Cheapest Vespa (old and pretty) for sale was and still is 2k€ and even that needs some TLC to run. This was way under 1k€. So when I was shaking hands someone called and wanted to buy it without seeing it, sorry but no cigar. Drove it home or tried to, ran fine to halfway until the said coil had enough, on positive side it is extremely light to push, lighter than the delivery bicycle we have. Ordered new coil and now week later I have opened carb just to see that it was clean (thanks to parts bin box find that came with the bike, fuel stabilating additive) and had correct jet's for big bore kit.
Next I need to see why rear lights don't work, took a quick look, but didn't have my glasses, it looked like it has one 6v and one 12v lamp, but can't be sure. So will check that again and try to figure is it 6v or has it been upgraded to 12v. Driving light is quite a joke, basic LUCAS rule, get home before dark, aplies. But that said, I have heard strong opinions that Italy makes better everything than UK and sofar I have to agree, start's at first kick everytime and even electrics make more sense and have more quality than the two UK made cars I've owned.

But that's for now, I have to go and ride it, scorchio and T shirt.
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