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Jul 20, 2009
42 miles outside of Chicago
‘18 VW Golf GTI, '87 Mercury Colony Park
I got a “promotion.”

Since 2012, I’ve been in field service for gas and oil burners. One of our top guys left in January and the office has been scrambling for a person who knows tech for calls, tricky parts search and quoting, RMA processing, and of course my “favorite” contractor training. The previous guy did this and now I’m in charge. Lately I’ve grown tired of traveling across the country every week having no home life except for the weekends. This hopefully is a good change. I’m promised a raise will happen but nothing is written so when it doesn’t happen, I’ll point it out again. If again nothing changes I’ll request to move back into the field because what’s the point of taking on higher responsibility without extra compensation?
Well that hasn't changed a damn bit. Still traveling just as much only with more responsibility.