Ringmeet 2019 - photo/video thread


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Nov 30, 2008
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It finally worked, but it;s now 2am, so any witty captions will need to wait.
Also in random order, because it was all too hard to sort out when it finally did work.


Team Texas arrive, appropriately dressed (glad the plan I heard about while in Dallas, came to fruition)

At Pinocchio for pizzas.

Post-pizza stroll from Adenau to Breidscheid and back.

The BMW X1 may be a dull shopping trolley, but has great cup holders!

The infamous Finalgear beer keg, makes a brief and unwelcome return; shoutout to @TobiasG!

How vivid was that sunset!!!

@BlaRo, using the Equus as a coaster

At the 'ring entrance, standing around, doing nothing

Reserved parking. @BlaRo mid-mlem. Nice handbag @thomas .

Traditional Saturday night dinner for 53 people


After getting a noise complaint about our previous night's activities, of course disconnecting the mufflers is a great idea!

Ali Baba employee kidnaps Puffalump

Spaghetti Eis!!

Who says people from the internet aren't social....

Hi Dave .... XD

I think there were almost as many cars as tents this year

Sunday evening, after some early departures, still many cars.

@Anesthesia can confirm this is indeed washer fluid

Party tent people

Starting the packing up

@Galantti probably wishing he'd brought his scooter

@Brotan advised @Adamar and I that this is in fact the wrong way to go about things

Something, something, turbo?

Nevermind the turbo, does it puffalump? Yes. Yes it does.

Standing at Breidscheid, realising that we should have driven, since we needed to go shopping, and would have to walk back to the cars, to then drive back again.

Team America, still walking off the pizzas

Friday night BBQ

Standing around cars once it stopped raining

The quieter tent

Attempting to quiz

Sure, I can see a resemblance

Still trying to quiz...

At Brünnchen for the obligatory currywurst

Sitting around doing nothing

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Jun 18, 2011
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Here are some of my pictures.

Nice scery up in the sky.

Picking up the AMG rented by @Galantti

Tent village!

Being my first time in Germany, I found it to be just what I expected. I did not however expect my first meal to be a kebab.... but it was good kebab!

I went to see an old friend of mine at the GP track. Waiting for him I spotted this statue.

We took a stroll around the pits.

Next day it was time for some sightseeing.


One evening we were treated to an awesome sunset

Shots from the ring

As others have pointed out. After a noise complaint the natural thing to do next is to remove some mufflers...

On the last evening we had a wonderful full moon.

Final morning and the flight home. First ringmeet behind me, but certainly not the last one.