Searching for Series 19 - Series 22 in their original 1080i format


Mar 30, 2019
As those who have read my previous threads and posting have probably guessed by now, I've been putting together a centralized ultimate collection of Top Gear, from the original version of the show to the end of the trio for my personal consumption. This is what I currently have:
  • Old Top Gear: Footage from 300+ episodes, including 190 complete episodes, mostly from BBC 2 Wales.
  • Series 1 - 3: 576i 50 FPS SBS airings, with S03E08's missing half supplemented with the 576i SATRip from Россия-2.
  • Series 4, 5, & 7 - 12: 50 minute 576i Россия-2 airings, that are 50 FPS and which I plan to re-dub into English. 9x01 and 9x02 are regular Scene releases.
  • Series 6: 640x352/368 BBC 2 airings from a separate source which is nonetheless noticeably sharper than the ones used in the Ultimate Pack.
  • Series 13: 720 x 388 DVBRips for the first five episodes, regular Scene releases for the two finales.
  • Series 14 - 18: 1080i TS Originals
In addition, the early specials are as follows:
  • Winter Olympics: DVDRip
  • USA Special: 576i Россия-2 airing (Russian; will re-dub into English)
  • Polar Special: 1080p version
  • Botswana Special: 720p BBC Three HD airing
  • Vietnam Special: 1080p BBC America Webrip
As for the segments that were cut between each episode that was reaired, if I were to ever make it public (which is very unlikely for the time being), I'd simply cut the relevant minutes from the Scene/other releases and put them in a separate folder; I'm looking specifically for quality/clarity over completion.

I also discovered some Spanish "Dual" language DVBrips uploaded by a user named a7ure - are these any good? I haven't found any seeders as of yet, yet their resolutions are apparently 720 x 388, the same as S13.

Anyway, my question: Does anyone on here still have the 1080i releases of S19 - S22? I've found a few loose eps, alongside a few in 1080p, but never the whole season. Given the latter of these only aired 4 years ago, I've a feeling that some of you round here might have them. Also, do feel free to chime in if you have higher quality versions of the earlier seasons, as I feel the task of redubbing the Russian eps will take me at least a few straight days of work. I'm honestly surprised that nobody ever ripped the Amazon Prime/Netflix versions when they were available. Unless someone actually did and it was never publicized.