The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."


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May 29, 2008
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We thought our dreams of selling up in 2-3 and moving to somewhere that isn't the UK had been totally scuppered by Brexit.

Turns out that isn't 100% true.

No language barrier, right hand drive cars and still have access to free healthcare? GET IN!



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Nov 30, 2008
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Met up with more internet randoms today! I responded to a Reddit thread, from a Canadian guy who was coming to Aus on holiday with his partner, and was interested in meeting locals while he was here. We exchanged contact details, and have been messaging for a couple of weeks, getting to know each other and so forth, and organised today to meet up.

They also bumped into another Toronto resident on their walking tour of Sydney, and invited him along to have lunch with us. A couple of them had kangaroo burgers, which they didn't mind, then we found a pub, had a beer, and then made a plan to walk across the Harbour Bridge. One way was enough, so we went to the wharf and caught a ferry back to where we started from. The boys headed back to their AirBnB, and hotel to go for a swim, and I had to trek back to the car, parked on the other side of the CBD.

It was a great day, I got to explore bits of my own city I'd never been to, and I made some new friends, with an offer of a place to stay when I eventually make it to Toronto!
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Jul 12, 2010
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Mango farmers expect bumper crop this year

Surat: Love mangoes, then rejoice. Mango farmers of south Gujarat are hopeful of a good harvest this season. The cold atmosphere after Diwali has ensured there was no additional vegetative growth, which in turn pushed heavy flowering in the plants.

For the past two years, the region has been witnessing only 50 per cent production and mango farmers want to reap at least 80 per cent harvest this season.
A few of those will hopefully make it to my part of the world! :-D