Ownership Verified: The wait was long enough: leviathan's Tesla Model 3 Performance


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Oct 7, 2007
MX-5 NC, Model 3
Status update!

Fun is still very much being had :) This car doesn't get boring. I'm comfortable enough with it by now to let others drive every once in a while, and reactions of people who floor it for the first time are amazing. Even from the ones who already experienced it as a passenger, noone expects the zero pedal reaction time and instant tons and tons of torque.

Autopilot and especially the "Navigate on Autopilot" gimmick are definitely improving with software updates. Last I tested it, NoA cancelled half its planned lane changes for no reason and was scared of anything moving in rear view mirrors for like a kilometer behind. Today on my commute, it worked as intended for the first time: engaged on the road leading up to Autobahn entrance, and disengaged half an hour later when entering Frankfurt, having navigated a semi-complex interchange, multiple lane changes and finally the Autobahn exit, with no interventions from me, except for adjusting the desired speed. Really looking forward to it eventually doing lane changes without my confirmation, I feel it's actually at a point where it will be sane and safe (enough, esp. since one can still cancel them before the maneuver begins) - but I guess the European regulators need more convincing.

Spoiler: still missing. Supposedly new ones will be available in August... annoying, especially since I'll have to go on the Roadtrip and to Ringmeet (possibly including a 'Ring lap...) without it. On the plus side, it'll apparently be the new improved version.

Also did another "long range" drive down to a company event in Bad Aibling, hauling band equipment in a pair with my boss' LR 3:


One Supercharger stop each way and a destination charger at the hotel, stress level: zero. Finally got all three company Model 3s in one picture, plus a few more EVs (we have a Kona Electric, two e-Smarts, one converted VW T5 with salvaged Tesla batteries, one Fiat 500e imported from California, and there was a hotel-owned i3 there as well...):

3555754 3555755

Debated stopping at an Ionity location instead of a Supercharger to try the newly acquired 200 kW charging capability, but it made little sense route-planning-wise. Will definitely try on the roadtrip.


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Nov 28, 2004
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Feet, bus pass... :(
Great to see that you are happy with it! It may look very basic both inside and out, but it does the job very efficiently, for long journeys supercharging is easy, just plug it in and go grab a coffee or a snack, and it's most likely done when you have finished.

Don't worry too much about the spoiler, you may actually get slightly better range without it, at the expense of the limited top speed. It will do 261 km/h when you get it attached.