Tiff Needell's 20 Cars That Changed The World


Mar 30, 2019
Recently I was doing research into each of the home videos released for Top Gear, up to and including writing articles for them on the Top Gear Wiki, when I discovered that former presenter Tiff Needell had made two of his own; Burning Rubber, which was more or less a clone of the far more successful Clarkson videos, and the video mentioned in the thread title. This DVD is interesting purely because of one thing: All of the footage used is from episodes of Old Top Gear. On the left is a screencap from the DVD found via IMCDb, on the right is a screencap from my personal OTG collection:

Though they've cropped the clips for 16:9 (as evidenced by me forgetting to clip the VHS screencaps at the top for comparison purposes), this DVD is basically the holy grail for Original format Top Gear. Considering it was a very obscure release that nonetheless is fairly ubiquitous on eBay, I'd love to know if any member on here happens to own a copy.