Top Cars in Brazil


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Nov 22, 2010
S?o Paulo, Brazil
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Many do not know, but here in Brazil we have many sports cars such as Pagani, Bugatti, Lister, Koenigsegg.
I'll put some pictures of these cars here.
I will also put pictures of some models made in Brazil.
I would love you to comment on the photos.

A couple very rare to see.

This next concept car here is a Brazilian his name is Vorax Rossin-Bertin.
We have both coupe and convertible versions.
Its V10 engine is the same of the BMW M6.
Power: 570hp (Supercharged, 750hp)
Transmission: Automatic 7-speed sequential.
Rear wheel drive.
Brakes: Ceramics, inner-vented and crossdrilled
Body: Carbon Fiber.
Chassis: aluminum Spaceframe
Top Speed: 205 mph (330kmh) (Supercharger: 231mph (372kmh)
Acceleration 0-60 mph: 3.8s (Supercharger: 3.6s)

I hope you enjoyed it, the designer who design this car participated effectively in the design of the new Camaro.
The red one is the convertible.

The car is still a concept, but will soon be on the streets of Brazil, Europe and U.S.
It will be sold starting 2012.
More information can talk to me.
All the best.