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Jul 7, 2008
Vancouver, BC Canada
2013 BMW 328i xDrive Sport line
Yeah i know. Have to get a service history from the Audi dealer. So basically its a 2 owner car (Leasee as first, person who can't afford 2nd, was financed through VW/Audi as noted by the ownership transfer documents). Lots of research to do if i want THAT Audi or many used cars in particular.

Seems like we might recycle the idea of a new car. It would be the Mazda3 GT (sedan or hatch dunno) hands down. No Lancer GTS avaliable in Canada made that decision easier.

So will be thinking it over the next day or so, if a conclusion arises, will see how much we can knock off the leftover 2011s (2012s are cheaper by $1K as noted in internal docs). The other is do research on that A4 with the insurance company and BCAA Inspection.

But just because Mazda3s still have the financing deal doing (better than putting a lumpsum of money), i'll see if there are any leftovers or demos. Ideally if Demo, Mazda3 GT-E Hatch.

In addition to the Mazda3 cheaper by $1K for 2012, the GT models get a single-disc BOSE centrepoint audio system standard now.
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