What're your pet peeves?


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Sep 23, 2005
Bordeaux, France.
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Inspired by Scott's flag thread, what are your pet peeves? What are the rational or irrational little things that annoy you?

Mine are :

People who have an inability to distinguish between your and you're
Apostrophe misuse in signposts (Potato's ?1 a kilo, or in Bordeaux there's a Sandwich's Cafe)
Americanisms in UK-based books/TV/film (as in people who are supposedly British saying very American things unironically; Buffy did this once or so and fanfiction (especially Harry Potter fanfic) is rife with it)
and people who put books in bookshops or libraries back in the wrong place.

What makes you get really anal?


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Jun 30, 2006
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Honestly, everything annoys me. You name it, it annoys me.

I guess that's why my friends say I'm the angriest person in the world.


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Aug 16, 2004
Corona, CA
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Right now I'm trying to figure out why women (girls, in particular) always seem to drop their mobile phone. It happens in class at least once a day.


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Jun 16, 2007
Way too many to list.

Here are some:
people that dont use turn signals
people that dont stop at stop signs
people that go under the speed limit
ppl u c typin lik dis

I'll add more as I think of them


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Jul 13, 2006
Chicagoland, IL
-People who chew loudly.
-People who constantly touch/play with things in my car or home.
-Women who wear ugg boots or those plastic sandal things... crocs?
-Suburban gangsters.
-Habitual liars.
-Douchebags who wear those bluetooth headsets.
-People who can't live without their cellphone/PDA/iPod/etc.
-Drivers who don't signal.
-One uppers.
-Rude people/people who don't say thank you.
-Drunk whores.
-The word "hella".
-The new Wendy's radio ads with that irritating girl.
-Unsupervised, disruptive children
-Guys who pop their collars.
-Women who still use the word "like" every 5 seconds.
-Fat people who wear clothes two sizes too small.
-Close talkers.
-Bad parkers.
-Crazy vegans.
-Ugly feet.

All I can think of right now. :p
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Aug 18, 2005
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I'm sorry, but NOBODY wants to touch your crusty penis hands that's stained with your asparagus sauce, you fucking disgusting Philistine. What, you've just relieved yourself and now you've got ball sweat and errant drops of Orange Julius on your digits, and now you're gonna go shake my hand or play the tuba or solve a Rubix Cube? You disgusting bastards make me sick.


More to come later. Boy, am I gonna have fun with this thread. *cracks fingers*


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Mar 1, 2007
Seattle, WA, USA
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People who act extremely proper in a normal setting then allow all decorum to fall by the way side when they get on the internet. Think business emails. Just because it's a computer, doesn't mean you get to suddenly become a lazy jackass who doesn't know where a period goes. Or how to capitalize letters. Or type the whole effing word.


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Aug 12, 2005
Sydney, Australia
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Only a few things really annoy me. Well, maybe more than "a few". Like:

- People who can't tell the difference between "where" and "we're".
- People who chew with their mouths open.
- People who answer their mobiles while on the bus and the first thing they say, at 110dB is "I'm on the bus".
- People with annoying mobile ringtones who leave their mobiles on their desks when they go to lunch/the toilet/walkies. They called mobiles for a *reason*, people!
- People with yappy little dogs who let them bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark in the middle of the night until you're fair dinkum ready to go over to their place and insert a rather large garden gnome into them in a very unpleasant way.
- People who ding your car and don't leave their details. C$%ksuckers.
- People who drag meetings out into interminable "look how fucking great I am" wank-fests.
- People who bitch and moan about replacing a fence that's falling down because they've lived here for 40 years and WHAT THE FUCK DIFFERENCE DOES THAT FUCKING MAKE?!?!?
- People at work who email you when you sit right next to them. Am I that friggin scary?
- People who park in the bus zone because they're just going into this shop to get bread and oh yeah, the load of people sitting on the bus trying to get to/from work, well they can just sit there because I'm just getting bread and that has to be more important, right?
- People who tailgate you. Is there something up my arse that smells really good or something?

So not many things. Really.


Yes, I have issues.


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May 3, 2006
Richmond, BC
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- People who wear those ugly plastic crocs. Honestly, wtf is that all about? Can`t buy proper shoes??

- People who make that annoying snapping sound with their gum - It amuses the
person whose chewing, but annoys the shit out of the people around the chewer.

- Girls who wear more makeup than Paris Hilton - Since when was make up suppose to cover the whole face? I thought it's just to make it look better...

- Japanese anime. Well, it's also the fan boys. Just because immature adults who live with their parents watch them, it doesn't make it mature. How can you expect people to watch something that makes no sense? It's just silly!

- You Tube video comments - (see above)


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Dec 11, 2005
Aurora, IL
-Lazy people.
-Self imposed ignorance.
-Sanctimonious, elitist left wingers.
-Environmentalists who live in a large city, and see nature at 65 MPH on the Interstate.
-Every politician in the state of Illinois. Well, maybe not Jesse White.
-Every politician who shits on the US Constitution and wipes their ass with it.
-The slowly growing population of the American castrati.
-People who "creep" at red lights. JUST SIT STILL AND WAIT!!!!
-Those jerks who dumped the remains of their meth lab on my land. It burned a hole a foot deep into it!
-People who whistle songs when they in close proximity of you.
-People who constantly yammer on their phones about nothing.
-People who think that because I attend church, that I am some sort of mind controlled freak. Then lecture me on morals, or tell I can't do this or say that because of my religion. **** YOU, I AM ONLY HUMAN!!
-A lot of television shows.
-The small minority who want total government control, then cry when said government starts taking over their lives.
-Frat boys.
-Elitist asses who have taken over the Live For Speed forum.
-Dr. Spock. And no, not the guy from Star Trek.
-White liberal guilt. It only divides our nation, you ******* morons...
-Stereotypical car owners.
-People who frown on nazism, but think an image with communist leaders "partying" is funny. It's not. They are all murderous, life hating thugs, nazis and commies.
-Pseudo lesbian kissing. We all know you do it to get attention, ya bird brained twits.
-The View.
-TV shows that are made for the express purpose of advertising.
-People who take games like Counter Strike and WoW too seriously.
-Valley girl speak.
-Every square inch of California below San Fransisco.
-Illegal immigrants who wave Mexican flags in may day rallys. We all know those rallys were put together by communists.
-Champagne socialists.
-Limo liberals.
-Conservatives who give ammunition to the above two groups.
-The disciples of Barack Obama, who conveniently forget that he has no new ideas, just a good speech writer.
-The disciples of Hillary Clinton, who conveniently forget that undoubtedly, she will crown herself Queen Of America November sixth.
-The disciples of John McCain, who conveniently forget that his polices and actions are based on petty revenge from 2000.


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Sep 23, 2005
Bordeaux, France.
old Saab 9-3 coup?
News reports (and novels) that somehow involve cars yet don't mention the make.

"Car drives into third floor of apartment block". Interesting story! But what car? Oh wait the news doesn't say. Wonderful.

It doesn't take a great deal of investigative journalism to find something like this out - run the license plate through one of the online doodahs, or read the back of the car, ffs - but it makes me feel a lot happier.


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Dec 24, 2005
Northridge, LA, CA
The only thing that annoys me is when people don't think about others when doing things.

A prime example is parking their vehicles such that they block other's vehicles.

Another thing i don't like at all is, people's behavious towards other people like sales guys, cable guys and people working in banks etc. They treat them like they are the masters and the employees should obey their evry whim. They don't realize that they could as well be in the opposite person's place.


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Jul 31, 2006
Dayton, Ohio
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Just six off the top of my head and I'm sure I'll think of more later:

Having every store employee ask me if I need help, but then when I really do need help they're nowhere to be found.

Tailgaters. I'm going as fast as I am. Having your Civic so close to my rear end that I can't see your car with my Disco's side mirrors isn't going to make me go any faster. You're annoying and needlessly endangering my safety. Screw you.

People who get right on my bumper before passing me on an empty interstate. Seriously, was it really necessary to get right up to my bumper when you knew you were going to go around me anyway?

People who think it's necessary to cruise around with their windows down and their car stereos cranked up to 11. Bonus annoying points for annoyingly excessive bass.

Pedestrians/cyclists who know its not their fault if I hit them so they take full advantage of that fact by jaywalking or darting out into my lane.

People who double park and end up taking up half the handicapped spot next to them. The next time I see this happen tires will be deflated.


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Jan 26, 2008
I don't know what material this chair is covered in, but it's making me ridiculously itchy.


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Jan 26, 2007
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Tinny sounding mobile phones owned by chavs, pikies and just general twats forcing everyone around them to listen to their shitty choice of music. Fuck off!

Serious miscasting in movies. Even more rife today than it was before and has ruined what could have been some good films.

First Great Western.

Arseholes my age who use playgrounds as social areas. It's for the kids, nobody wants you hanging around there swearing, go to the pub

Invalid carriges being driven far too fast and dangerously in town centers, usually by people who are just fat, not disabled.

People who view computer games as anything other than just a bit of fun. Fine with me, but they try and make everyone else act like that and it ruins it.

White middle class English men from Berkshire who talk like they are from Harlem. You are just embarassing yourself and everyone around you you silly fucks.
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Mar 14, 2005
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Lots have been mentioned before, and I will not go on about everything that bothers me, but I will say one thing that bothers me more than anything in thw whole damn world:

Groups of people walking slow and taking up the whole sidewalk.

Do you and all 5 of your friends really need to hold hands while walking? If you see me walking right behind you on a busy sidewalk, get out of the fucking way!!

You know you're on a university campus full of students that need to get fast from one class to another, but no ... you keep on walking like it's the last stroll you'll ever take in your life. You're not going on the last mile of death row, so move your lard ass or get out of the way. If you can't move 2 feet in one second without collapsing then you should be driving, not walking, even if you're just going to the Tim Hortons right down the street ... I don't care. You're blocking traffic.

Keep some of your friends in front and some behind. There's no logical reason that you can't travel in rows of 2 like in kindergarden. You can still have a conversation with 4 people at the same time that way.