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Today 5:42 AM
 Budget portable computer
Are used computers an option. In my last job I worked with these and they lasted years without issue. ... (114 views, 4 replies)
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Today 5:19 AM
 Doctor Who
The best Dalek episode was "Genesis of the Daleks". I don't think Moffet could pull something like that off. It didn't end in a high, and the Doctor wasn't God in it. (173,740 views, 2,782 replies)
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Today 5:16 AM
 The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread
What are the taxes in the US when buying a house? (42,274 views, 929 replies)
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Today 4:17 AM
 Word association game
Redneck (963,987 views, 16,535 replies)
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Today 4:15 AM
 The French Baguette Van: My RenaultSport Clio
It means the whole side, rear and possibly roof of the car will have to be sprayed. This is what happened to my dad's silver car when it needed damage repaired. I think his head went through the... (20,794 views, 278 replies)
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Today 3:56 AM
 James May's Cars of the People: Music Identification Thread
In case anyone asks (because it's a great track), Episode 3's 41:51 - 43:17 is Long Line of Cars by Cake. (1,762 views, 18 replies)
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Today 3:51 AM
 James May's Cars of the People
The third ep wasn't terrible, but it certainly lacked the charm and sheer interestingness of the first two. Side-tracking into what seemed like a ten-minute Volkswagen commercial seemed really out of... (8,967 views, 100 replies)
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Today 3:28 AM
 The Music Thread (214,655 views, 2,720 replies)
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Today 3:26 AM
 Greatest Racing Game Ever?
Burnout 3. Takedown all the AI drivers! (90 views, 4 replies)
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Today 2:50 AM
 Funny Picture Thread (5,071,183 views, 47,163 replies)
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Today 2:49 AM
 Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus) fde26fa24c37/tumblr_nb333pEAkr1qe wacoo1_500.gif (1,300,609 views, 12,131 replies)
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Today 2:24 AM
 Breakdown emergency around san francisco
Since you're in a spot of trouble, I figured I would try to give you a hand. Seems like Toy Shop in San Fran has a good reputation and they specialize in toyota's. People are saying they're hard... (99 views, 2 replies)
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That American Girl
Today 2:01 AM
 Final Gear Racing 2014 - 24 Hours Of LeMons
And TAG now works in a place with a lot of Porsches herself now too! So, get yourself up here and buy one! Anyhoo, once I get my finances back in order...(this last year just did me in... (5,028 views, 92 replies)
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Today 1:55 AM
 Awesome Thread (1,063,899 views, 12,163 replies)
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Today 1:25 AM
 Gun politics thread
They are not related by any means, one was an accident that could literally happen to anyone, the other was child protection taken too far, the only link between these two cases were age of the... (25,115 views, 1,059 replies)
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Today 1:15 AM
 Blind_Io's Garage
Thank you. I never knew the difference until now. :D (11,937 views, 163 replies)
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Today 12:15 AM
 Top Gear Promoting Cars
Clarkson's review of the GT86 was a large part in convincing me to purchase a BRZ. It got me hooked... I watched more reviews, did some research, and now I own this! ... (91 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 11:44 PM
 The FOOTball thread
C'mon, you've had a good transfer window. Cheer up a bit: di Maria, Blind and Falcao are classy players for Man U. Phil Neville said today that there aren't any central defenders, etc., to be had at... (87,305 views, 1,631 replies)
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Black Z Eddie
Yesterday 11:40 PM
 Lens Flair
https://farm4.staticflickr.c om/3915/14925223998_2257b506 c2_b.jpg (3,004,049 views, 30,422 replies)
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Yesterday 10:39 PM
 Jeremy Clarkson - 'Pre' Top Gear Days!
I see no difference. Seems like a chain-smoker alcoholic but very funny test driver back then. (2,161 views, 4 replies)