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Today 5:07 PM
 Chicago Meet - Sunday, October 5, 2014?
Only 5 hours away from the D, and I've still never been. Lemme think about it. (117 views, 1 replies)
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Today 5:01 PM
 2014 Volvo XC90
I'm pissed too. It's just a meaningless designation now. Can you get me a dealer discount on parts :P No argument about the turbo 5s. Things went sour for Volvo when they started putting... (1,213 views, 31 replies)
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Today 4:45 PM
 Planning trip to Germany - Advice needed
I just checked it out today, and indeed it is just a showroom with many many visitors in it. The museum is nice, though, even though it's mainly a showroom for their old cars. ;) Many great cars to... (402 views, 21 replies)
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Today 4:21 PM
 Diecast Models
Finally gonna be reunited with my whole collection in a week or so when I move and unpack at my new place. Can't wait to dust them all off and post pictures. (172,270 views, 1,680 replies)
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Today 4:01 PM
 Aston Martin shows the first render of its forthcoming Lagonda sedan
But this is different. And probably the design language of the next 10 years of AM models. (1,678 views, 35 replies)
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Today 3:37 PM
 The "Things that annoy me" thread
It's been overcast all day with the occasional sunny moment, but no rain, I've washed the car. Now the weather has been stable all day, so I figure it is safe to now polish/wax the car... Just as... (338,070 views, 9,877 replies)
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Today 3:34 PM
 Last movie you saw?
The Inbetweeners 2. Probably not great second date material, it's not exactly safe rom-com territory, and apart from the scenes where I was cringing and thinking 'any minute she's going to say... (156,714 views, 2,471 replies)
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Today 3:28 PM
 Really frustrating AMD/CCC driver problem
Shift 2 on Ultra?! O_O woah.. I find that a bit tough to swallow. (139 views, 7 replies)
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Today 3:17 PM
 Random Thoughts (Political Edition)
Are you saying that I.S.I.S. provides as great a threat as nuclear armageddon? (761,372 views, 11,326 replies)
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Today 2:24 PM
 Alphabetical Conversation
Under the law, you should be paddled! (353,007 views, 8,010 replies)
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Lightning Count
Today 1:59 PM
THAT IS VERY TRUE. (637,200 views, 11,096 replies)
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Today 1:58 PM
 I have never game
True I have never skated at a skate park (327,955 views, 7,116 replies)
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Today 1:57 PM
 The "Ban the Person Above You" Game
That's what you think. Banned. (742,606 views, 15,284 replies)
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Today 1:50 PM
 Anyone have experience with micro 4/3rds format cameras?
was bored, bought a little toy https://dl.dropboxuserconten (32,093 views, 357 replies)
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Today 1:45 PM
 EPL 2014/15 - The English Premier League Thread
The great contradiction that is the British way ("van Haal") of pronouncing van Gaal continues... :lol: (646 views, 32 replies)
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Today 1:44 PM
 What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?
Okay, new topic: Plants. Just bought these two fellows for my bathroom window: https://farm4.staticflickr.c om/3857/15079561711_36a91d85 eb_o.jpg (490,747 views, 9,720 replies)
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Today 12:53 PM
 The FOOTball thread
Daley Blind: Man Utd agree £13.8m fee with Ajax for defender - BBC Sport Angel Di Maria: Man Utd record buy wants to win 'many trophies' - BBC Sport (£58.7m) An interesting shopping trip for LVG,... (86,972 views, 1,627 replies)
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Today 12:50 PM
 Nation Building: My government-issue Toyota Hilux SR 4x4
Cool car, conversation starter at the least (488 views, 21 replies)
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Today 12:38 PM
 Word association game
Man (961,951 views, 16,525 replies)
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Today 12:34 PM
 UCL 2014/15 - Champions League Thread
Tuesday 16th September 2014 UEFA Champions League - Group A Juventus V Malmö FF 19:45 Olympiakos V Atlético Madrid 19:45 UEFA Champions League - Group B Liverpool V Ludogorets... (28 views, 0 replies)