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Today 1:28 AM
 The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]
An hour is about as much as buying a Micra, apparently. (1,003,096 views, 8,992 replies)
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Today 1:25 AM
 Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]
Sony gave into the hackers are not showing "The Interview" anytime soon..., I was going to see it as a big fuck you to the hackers threats. (309,820 views, 3,840 replies)
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Today 1:11 AM
 Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]
Have you tried it? The only way you'll know if you'll like it is to actually spend some time using one. If you want to keep it sealed, you can pretty much use any iPad version you can lay your hands... (889,208 views, 12,349 replies)
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Today 1:05 AM
 Detroit Steel: The CraigB/Dr_Grip 1972 Ford Country Sedan adventure thread
I liked the yellow lights. (28,432 views, 762 replies)
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Today 12:38 AM
 The "Things that annoy me" thread
The display port on my a-few-months-old monitor died today. :( Thankfully HDMI is a good replacement and a family member works for the company in Norway who handles LG repairs. :) (370,619 views, 10,346 replies)
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Today 12:29 AM
 The Interview
It would be so epic if it was. (158 views, 16 replies)
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Today 12:17 AM
 Word association game
Carnivore (1,050,351 views, 17,390 replies)
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Today 12:14 AM
 Funny Picture Thread
"Smart phones for dumb people" was never going to be a bright idea. No, I've never seen that iPhone on my desk. Who put that thing there? (5,302,330 views, 47,853 replies)
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Today 12:01 AM
 Assetto Corsa
Yeah... the thing is: I've been struggling to find enough time to sleep or live like a normal human lately. My room is now a biohazard zone, and on multiple occasions in the past month I've stayed in... (21,676 views, 364 replies)
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Yesterday 11:59 PM
 Horhay's Garage
Man, I don't visit this forum often enough. I just saw that the main site got taken down back in October. Boo! Since I last visited I finished my garage (or at least as far as I was going to make it... (1,979 views, 27 replies)
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Yesterday 11:44 PM
 Random Thoughts (Political Edition)
I did not say ISIS wasn't something to take seriously, I said it isn't likely they will pursue terrorist attacks on the West. As I said, ISIS isn't a homogenous organization, it consists of pisst off... (821,488 views, 11,677 replies)
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Yesterday 10:41 PM
 Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]
Here's some more ronin crap. 1. He first came here bragging and being a dick. 2. Then this. Read from this post down. (2,427,385 views, 17,080 replies)
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Yesterday 10:17 PM
 Straight six, rear wheel drive, take two - 2001 BMW 320i touring
Nope, that's the normal price just for the "original" BMW-parts (which are made by Sachs - the price is for one shock absorber): ... (4,852 views, 64 replies)
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Yesterday 9:40 PM
 The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread
Too many of my idiotic countrymen will always vote for the party and not the person. (50,069 views, 1,062 replies)
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Yesterday 9:33 PM
 1929 Willys Whippet (Mid mount turbo)
I worked on boxing in the frame with some 1/8 plate. Using a good cardboard template and a plasma cutter made quick work and it fit like a glove! All thats left is stitch welding it in. ... (4,620 views, 60 replies)
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Yesterday 9:25 PM
 BMW (E36) 323i CoupĂ© - A winter sledge from Germany
Nice is a pretty nice place as one would expect. We did visit Monaco very briefly as well (and spotted a La Ferrari La Ferrari La La)... (796 views, 18 replies)
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Aston Martin
Yesterday 9:20 PM
 Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required] (2,532,501 views, 19,959 replies)
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Yesterday 9:00 PM
 2015 Skoda Superb
Looks like rear headroom takes a hit. (692 views, 26 replies)
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Yesterday 9:00 PM
 The Gun thread
Any idea why one of the dudes leading the platoon that the very start wears sneakers? (221,100 views, 2,868 replies)
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Yesterday 9:00 PM
 General Anime Thread
I hope they don't change up the style too much, it will be distracting to me if they do. Not hat I have anything against the studio, it's just a matter of being used to seeing certain characters in... (91,911 views, 1,606 replies)