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Yesterday 11:06 PM
 Insidious plan to foist four million insurance black boxes on drivers
Tinfoil hat or not, is some people are uncomfortable with tracking devices in their cars, why force them into it anyways? If you think this tech is fantastic, then by all means use it, but I would... (1,250 views, 58 replies)
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Yesterday 11:03 PM
 The Gun thread
Stumbled upon a thread dedicated to personal gun collections, as well as some really nifty gun room setups. Hold your chin with one hand because your jaw will hit the floor otherwise. Just some... (193,663 views, 2,710 replies)
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Yesterday 10:57 PM
 2014 Chinese Grand Prix - Shanghai
Pfff, amateur... (184 views, 13 replies)
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Yesterday 10:47 PM
 The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread
Well, here is my 3 Wheeled Italian Freak. 95_HDR_zps44d8c0e3.j pg ... (631,914 views, 8,658 replies)
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Yesterday 10:45 PM
 Best of eBay
http://boston.craigslist.or g/gbs/cto/4392708786.html (481,299 views, 5,068 replies)
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Yesterday 10:18 PM
 Awesome Thread
Awesome, but... I expected some NFSW pics :lol: (992,352 views, 11,847 replies)
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Yesterday 10:13 PM
 Random Thoughts....
Concerts suck when you're short... but then some giant motherfucker stands in front of you with his inappropriately young daughter on his shoulders and then everyone else gets to feel your pain, ah... (5,268,705 views, 111,996 replies)
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Yesterday 10:09 PM
 Random Thoughts (Political Edition)
I heard on NPR a guy in Paris saying he didn't like either candidate for mayor and was going to turn in a blank ballot. (680,662 views, 10,715 replies)
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Yesterday 10:06 PM
 Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]
Photos of this awesome sounding engine? (3,576,102 views, 57,507 replies)
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Yesterday 9:39 PM
 The "Things that annoy me" thread
same as everybody, basically :) just to make the list complete :D (300,356 views, 9,460 replies)
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Yesterday 9:04 PM
 Do heavier planes use more fuel?
A heavier aircraft needs more lift. For any given airfoil there will be a certain amount of drag. In general, the more lift an airfoil makes, the more drag it creates, some airfoils producing more... (259 views, 7 replies)
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Yesterday 8:50 PM
 Jezza presents HIGNFY - 18 Apr 2014
Jezza and Henning Wehn should be a hoot together. (53 views, 1 replies)
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Yesterday 8:43 PM
 Take us for a drive in your country
that is some beautiful countryside (36,801 views, 645 replies)
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Yesterday 8:42 PM
 Roadtrip 2014 - Patent Pending
^That. Also the roads on Oradea-Cluj Napoca-Sibiu, are mainly two-lane roads(one lane for each direction) and quite crowded, so the average speed on some sections can be as low as 50Km/h. (13,265 views, 559 replies)
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Yesterday 8:33 PM
 Lens Flair
Thanks https://farm8.staticflickr.c om/7344/11612003914_6320610f 02_b.jpg Male Pied Bush Chat (Saxicola caprata) by, on Flickr ƒ/5.6 800.0 mm 1/800 320 ... (2,822,568 views, 30,152 replies)
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Yesterday 8:32 PM
 Cool Videos
Classic. (737,612 views, 13,514 replies)
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Yesterday 8:32 PM
 The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread
This story also made it to air tonight, on the BBC's "Have I Got News for You", hosted by Clarkson. :clarkson: (33,962 views, 770 replies)
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Yesterday 8:29 PM
 Ukanian Easter Meet '14 - If I don't survive, tell my wife "Hello."
:no: Work is a bastard, sorry :( (57 views, 3 replies)
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Yesterday 8:25 PM
 Funny Picture Thread
:lmao: (4,770,224 views, 46,280 replies)
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Yesterday 8:20 PM
 Deadly Ebola virus, spreads to city of 2 million.
Pretty sure he meant that in the same way as "next you're gonna tell me there's AIDS in Africa... no shit sherlock". Diseases are not a new thing on that continent. (296 views, 9 replies)