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2017 Skoda Karoq

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    Unveiled: 2017 Skoda Karoq

    Karoq vs Kodiaq

    this is an attractive car and it is much nicer than the Tiguan.


      Nice Audi

      Viva la Targa!

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        TBH I think it's pretty awesome that they named it after a Swedish Finalgear member.


          I am not a big fan of a Sqoda Karooq. But i like this 2017 Sqoda Karooq SUV because i like its advance feature of Driving Mode Select system which is offering five options i.e, Normal, Sport, Eco, Individual and Snow.


            Internet regulations require these to be posted:


              Originally posted by laxmax613 View Post
              this is an attractive car and it is much nicer than the Tiguan.
              Agreed. This doesn't have that weird droop nosed look that the VW has.
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