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Box Clever: M3, Quattro, Integrale, Rallye

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    Box Clever: M3, Quattro, Integrale, Rallye

    "I saw myself founding a new religion, marching
    into Asia riding an elephant, a turban on my
    head and in my hands the new Koran I would
    have written to suit my needs." - Napoléon Bonaparte

    "More than 60,000 Germans fell, not beneath the
    Roman arms and weapons, but, grander far,
    before our delighted eyes. May the tribes, I pray,
    ever retain if not love for us, at least hatred for
    each other; for while the destinies of empire bear
    hard upon us, fortune can give no greater boon
    than discord among our foes." - Germania, Tacitus

    what magazine?

    EDIT: oh look another glowing review for my favorite Italian rally hatchback.... must save $15000 in time for 2018
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    "My laptop has a webcam; if I wanted to make money while making a mess, I'd be all over the internet. Hell, you'd probably have videos of me bookmarked."

    “Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports ... all others are games.”
    ~Ernest Hemingway~

    It's all about having the right priorities. You can sleep in your car but you can't race your house -|- Basically i go accurately and on special lines


      God I love the Integrale, such a crazy car!
      @The_Finn, just save about 2 grand every year and I will be possible.


        Wow, I've never heard of, nor seen that Golf before. I like it!

        But I would of course have to pick the M3. The first gen is one of my "realistic" dream cars.


          I read the title as the M3 Quattro and thought, "well that's AWESOME"
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