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FGCOTY 2017 - Results!

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    FGCOTY 2017 - Results!


    The people have spoken! 33 ballots were cast, and the race was close.

    There's some consensus in votes, but certainly not unanimity. Every car except three had at least one vote placing them first (from a non-owner)! And every car had a vote with zero points.

    Just to remind you, I've been assigning points to the votes cast with this progression: 17 15 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. So if you have only sent be 3 cars, all the rest got zero points.

    The top group has been changing places all along, and the final standing is such that 7 points separate the first two places.


    1. Andeh's 1931 Rover Two Litre - 336 points

    2. TobiasG's 2017 Alfa Giulia - 329 points

    3. MacGuffin's 2017 Mustang GT - 310 points

    4. MXM's 1992 Lexus LS400 - 241 points

    5. DerStig's 1995 Jaguar XJR - 235 points

    6. R.A.'s 1986 Volvo 240 - 229 points

    7. Matt2000's 1990 Land Rover Discovery Bobtail - 211 points

    8. gaasc's 1979 Impala - 208 points

    9. IceBone's 2007 Audi A5 Coupe - 170 points

    10. gt1750's Alfa 156 V6 - 148 points

    11. Galantti's 2013 Fiesta Van - 129 points

    12. Haz's 2017 Tesla Model S 75d - 103 points

    13. leviathan's 2008 Mazda MX-5 NC - 87 points

    14. rickhamilton's 2012 Kia Forte EX - 72 points


    Final standings:

    (click for interactive chart)


    It embodies one of the classic dilemmas, what's the best second hobby: bikes or boats? Or in this case, a broken bike or a broken boat?
    For this category, the preferred choice got 1 point, the other 0 points.

    And without further ado, the winner by quite a large margin is:

    1. BerserkerCatSplat's 1973 Glastron CV-21 boat trailer - 14 points

    2. altoid's 2007 fucking yellow Ninja 500r bike - 8 points

    This was interesting to follow. It seems mostly only bike-people voted for the bike (unless they are also boat people, in which case boat trumps the bike). Some votes even came with "I don't like bikes therefore I vote boat" comment

    But to be fair, these were not the most representative examples of two categories, as we're comparing here a fairly common beginner bike with a V8 JET BOAT! Also BCS's threads always contain photos of engine internals
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    Ok, I was thinking about how I can tease the results out, and came up with this version. I'll reveal the standings from last to first in 2-3 car batches, while simultaneously showing the "race progress" as the votes were coming in. Can't embed HTML here, so I'll link it.

    First post updated.

    At 5 votes in, Giulia is shooting ahead, followed, surprisingly, by the Discovery and with A5 and Mustang sharing the 3rd place.

    The least favourite generation of the most favourite FG car (MX5 NC) gets a decent start, but quickly stalls at few votes in, and having finished second to last, you know it wont pick up the pace much.

    Kia also got some points at the beginning, and is firmly ahead of the Fiesta Van at 5 votes in (and briefly ahead of an Alfa Romeo!), but in the end, FG crowd did not like what the peak performance looked like, and placed it last.
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      12 votes counted!

      Lots of development now. Giulia continuing to dominate, and Mustang finally got its gear in. Disco also still going strong, and look at that triumphant rise of the Volvo!

      The next pair of finalists are the Tesla and the Fiesta van.
      It's no secret that Tesla is a pretty divisive car on this forum, and it shows in the results. Getting lots of points from a few people, and none at all from others.
      The Fiesta, on the other hand, has performed pretty solidly, getting some points from most people, and high points from a couple of fans.
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        You tease! I still want the one with the grey line to win.


          Originally posted by Matt2000 View Post
          You tease!
          Took me half a day to figure out that chart javascript thing, so now I'm gonna make you all wait!

          Originally posted by Matt2000 View Post
          I still want the one with the grey line to win.
          It will.


            The next two finalist are, in my humble opinion, absolutely the top two designs of Walter de Silva. So which one FG prefers?


            It's the Audi A5. It was leading for most of the "race", and also finished ahead. Alfa Romeo will always have fans among car enthusiasts (and especially with that V6!), but that dazzling blue colour splits opinions. And having another universally loved blue Alfa in the race can't be helpful.

            As far as the rest of the group goes, Rover has started gaining positions, and at this point is tied with Giulia and Mustang for first position!

            17 votes counted:


              My first four choices are still battling. Go cars!
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                This is more exciting than an Indy Car race!


                  Didn't expect Bob to be doing this well at all, excited to see what the next two are.


                    Hey, top 10 at least.

                    Final Gear around the world care package
                    discussion | photos | spreadsheet | map


                      Haha, oh man, I was shocked when the ol' floaty-boat was even nominated! Thanks for the votes folks, I'll keep the build thread updated as I piece her back together. Going to look at some bottom ends later this week () so I might be able to start engine reassembly sooner than I thought.



                        Next pair coming up!

                        First it's gaasc's Impala. It won the COTY 77, but didn't quite make it in 07.

                        Juuuust squeezing ahead at the last moment is Matt's mud toy. Disco was going incredibly strong in the beginning, look at the graph! Was aiming at top3 spot before it apparently blew the headgasket around 20 votes in.


                        The standings at 22 votes counted still has the top group really close. Giulia and Mustang sharing a 1st place, and Rover 17 points behind, and the other 3 cars are were even way blow the Disco at this point!


                          Well place 10 is not bad I guess. Should have gotten a GTA for proper attention whoring

                          Thanks for the votes everyone!
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                            The voting graph display is freaking awesome.



                              Certainly didn't expect to do that well, thanks everyone who voted for Bob.


                                Last update before the final, and oh boy, what a result...

                                In 6th position R.A.'s Volvo 240! An absolute hooligan of a car, and with that LSD was hands down my favorite ride on the ice-track meet. I secretly hoped it'd finish in top 3, as it has singlehandedly changed my view of Volvos in general.

                                In 5th it's probably the best (non-exotic) Jaguar ever made! It's still a pure Jag design, but with a few years of Ford influence. Since recently I'm very partial to X300 in general, and this one has a turbochager, looks absolutely badass, and comes with a nice FG-history. It really deserved to be placed higher...

                                ... because in 4th it's my Lexus LS400. Placing it ahead of the Jag is just travesty, or some very misguided attempt at bribery Thanks anyway.


                                The remaining top3 positions are still fully open. Mustang is leading by just 2 points, and Rover is also only 14 points behind. Anything can happen!
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                                  All right, everything is revealed now!

                                  What can I say, these results can't much of a surprise to anyone. All three cars are very difficult to dislike. Every single ballot had at least one of these cars in their top3 spots, most had two cars, and a couple had all three.

                                  In 3rd position is probably the best version of Mustang after the original.

                                  In 2nd is the car that will surely save the Alfa brand (ignoring Stelvio for a moment).

                                  And the winner is a pre-war curiosity from a brand that barely exists any more. Funny how that vote turned around, as Rover was close, but not ahead at any point until the last 5 votes. But in this case, 16hp was enough to overtake the combined 650hp of the next two positions


                                  Andeh did it again


                                    A well-deserved winner. Congratulations from me. Now it only has to show up at Ringmeet. Who's gonna tell Andeh that he has to come there now with the Rover?

                                    Thank you for the bronze medal. Glad to have made the podium
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                                      Since I didn’t get my votes in, all 8 of Darcy’s points came from you lot. if I’d ever had any respect for you, it’s surely all gone now…
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                                        Originally posted by altoid View Post
                                        Since I didn’t get my votes in, all 8 of Darcy’s points came from you lot. if I’d ever had any respect for you, it’s surely all gone now…
                                        Bro's before boats.

                                        I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
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