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The Top 25 Cars of Final Gear (entrance thread)

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    The Top 25 Cars of Final Gear (entrance thread)

    Seems like there is some interest in doing a thread like this. In order to organize it, everyone should submit one picture of their car. (let's simplify this and only allow 1 car per user)

    There are quite a few users who rarely post, so I don't think they should be on the poll, so therefore only cars posted in this thread will be able to be voted on, that should eliminate the lurkers.

    Remember this is just the entrance thread, so post ONE pic of your car if you wish to participate and try not to post too much more than that.
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    Ok I guess I will take a stab at it.

    Here is my 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE

    In about a week, maybe 2, it will look a little different. Rear will drop about 1'', front should be around the same, and the wheels will be polished spokes with a black lip. The muffler is also dump tip style now.

    -Racing beat header with full exhaust
    -Tokiko Blues
    -Racing beat lowering springs
    -Impul super-fin wheels with Kuhmo Ecsta XS tires
    -RE-Amemiya shift knob (ok not yet, but will order soon )

    edit: Mods if you think this thread would be more applicable in the 'post your car' forum, you can move it. Also, I think we should stick to cars only here, maybe a separate thread for motorbikes?

    edit2: Adding mod list/specs is fine. We'll see how it goes before deciding when to making a voting thread.
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    [ speramus meliora; resurget cineribus]

    Well, I'll enter my 1977 Jeep CJ 5

    I'll use this pic for now, but I'd like to change it later (i would like to get a pic with no soft top/no doors)

    Do we ad specs? If so...

    304 AMC V8 - sidepipes/electronic ignition, 4 barrel carb.
    3 spd Manaul
    Part time 4x4, manual locking hubs, rear diff lock.
    Removable everything! (doors, roof, windsheild folds down)

    edit: Tuffy Center console and Glove box (HA take that CrazyJeeper)
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      I'm not even posting my volvo in this. One thing I do know is that MXM will win hands down.


        Originally posted by cdbob View Post
        I'm not even posting my volvo in this. One thing I do know is that MXM will win hands down.
        Damn, your right. It's a no contest. I say we BAN MXM FROM ENTERING!!!

        It'll be, Finalgears best car (other than MXM's Lotus 7)
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        I speak in Hyperboles, please don't take offence.


          Gee, guess I won't even bother.


            nobody would vote for a damn lexus anyways. loser.
            Also, MXM will win

            I guess you just can't trust a German.


              so this is really a vote for 2 through 25
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                There is a guy who owns a Morgan 4/4 which I think is pretty cool.



                  actually...morgan vs lotus 7 would be a good competition here.

                  I guess you just can't trust a German.


                    Yeah but he only has 48 posts, so hardly a regular . If I entered, I suspect I'd end up second-best among just the Jaguars, at best.
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                      I'll enter my 1985 Jeep CJ7 Renegade

                      -4.0L HO inline 6 with multi port injection from a 1998 wrangler
                      -NV3550 5 speed overdrive transmission
                      -4.56:1 gears in both diffs
                      -Detroit full carrier locker and 1 piece alloy axle shafts in the rear with a tube truss on the rear housing
                      -Detroit drop in locker with Warn internal locking hubs on the front
                      -Rancho 1" lift springs all around and Rancho RS5000 shocks
                      -Wagoneer Steering box
                      -Stainless braided brake lines
                      -Custom 6 point cage
                      -Smittybilt suspension seats
                      -Custom rear bumper/tire carrier
                      -Jeep Wrangler TJ fender flares
                      -33x10.50 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrains
                      -Tuffy center console
                      -Alpine CD deck with Kicker 6x9s, Kenwood 5.25", Infinity Basslink (4 speakers + sub)
                      -Hella 500 driving lights

                      This thing is a true multi purpose vehicle. I drove it daily for 3 years in all weather and it will do most 4 diamond trails out a Barnwell Mountain in East Texas. Most of the time, I drive it 3 hours to the trails, run hard all day, and drive home.

                      The sky has been falling for decades.


                        2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI USDM.
                        Except for the tires (Yokohama Advan Neova AD07), completely stock.
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                          I probably got the crappiest car - pic is on another machine I'll post later.

                          Placeholder for pic. ....


                            1979 Jaguar XJ5.3 V12

                            I'll update the picture with another one when it stops raining, for now this is the best I have.
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                              I'll play. 1969 Mustang Coupe. Legend Lime color. Was my mothers' car in high school, and was given to me to be my first car in high school.

                              My car is Greener than your car.

                              LegendZ live forever.


                                I'll bite. Even though I am a newbie.

                                2004 MazdaSpeed Miata

                                2009 VW Tiguan


                                  We need contests I can win, like "most embarrassing car to be seen in" and "most goofy/girly looking"
                                  Originally Posted by captain_70s

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                                    I can see my car has a fanclub here

                                    I'm curious to see where will it stand. I know a lot of people adore it, but there are people who can't stand it, and I have been told how ugly it is

                                    But anyway...

                                    Caterham 7

                                    Super Sprint spec. Started life as a Lotus 7, was rebuilt from scratch.
                                    Ford Crossflow, twin Webers, 155hp, 5-speed box, live axle, LSD.



                                      Hehe, I'll have a go as well. Probably belongs to the katwalk class of contestants

                                      1991 Mazda 323F 16-valve, 98 000 km, original, unmolested not-rusty example, absolutely full service history.


                                        i'd throw my 928 in the ring but let's face it, they're one of the more misunderstood cars out there.
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