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The General Unifying Internet Build Thread Thread

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    The General Unifying Internet Build Thread Thread

    So seeing as i am poor and have no room to really do a project of my own i spend ALOT of time perusing the internets for interesting build logs/threads and i figured i would share some of my favorites. Feel free to post up some of the interesting builds you have found (or you are documenting). I would ask that you add a short description of anything of particular intrest.

    Twin Turbo E34 M5: This is a sort basic build thread with the owner mostly answering questions about what the shop he is paying is actually doing. That said there are some really nice pictures mixed in but not tons of technical discussion

    The Birth of a NASA GTS-5 Coupe Quattro: This is probably one of my favorite build threads it starts about 3 years ago with a basic Coupe Quattro that gets built into pretty nice race car. Than there is some drama followed by another build. LOTS of pictures and LOTS of technical discussion

    ScottURNots SC400: this is actually a few separate threads. Plenty of technical info and LOTS AND LOTS of pictures
    Supercharger Install
    Supra V160 swap
    Supercharged 4.7L 2uzfe build and install

    The Poi's Volvo 960(R)
    : Fortunately Chris made his own project index thread so i will just link to that. Ostensibly this is a thread about adding a big ass holset to a RWD 960 wagon but there is much more involved. Again this includes plenty of pictures and technical explination. Also i find Chris's writing to pretty great and funny sadly it seems that he has pretty much stopped working on the car there was talk of a T5 swap but nothing seems to have come of it.

    Project E30 GTR (or project 326rb): Take an E30 328 + add a RB26DETT from an R32 and you get the general gist of the idea. Plenty of pics and technical info

    Dennis Palatov's crazy projects: is a clearing house of projects and car/motorcycle ownership I will link to a few of my favorite threads but seriously just wander around the whole site it's awesome. I have no idea what he does for a living but he is obviously living the petrol head dream.
    NOTE: the way his site works you will always start at the end of any of the logs click the ? at the top of the page for the general overview of the project and then start at the 1 and work your way up
    lets start with the "tame" stuff
    Westfield Megabusa Build
    Hayabusa based V8 powered Atom
    Ownership logs for most of his cars and bikes (Mcoupe, WRX, Cooper S, M5, Scion, Paul Smart Special, Ducati 900SP) most of them tracked at PIR
    Now for the crazy stuff:
    Lets design a track car from the ground up
    Well the design looks good may as well make a prototype
    weeeeeeeee Testing
    Well crap that was a blast how about we just go into production
    Also we should produce a smaller version for smaller people or non rich people Build Logs: Pretty much all the build logs on this site are super interesting and FULLLLLLL of awesome technical discussion but the 2 that i follow the closest are
    A.Moore's duratec build
    Moti's R1 powered track build

    Our own Mancs' Lada 2107 Racecar He is one of us and he built a drift Lada. Plenty of pics and interesting technical details

    Thats all that i follow on a regular basis i might edit this to add other people's suggestions so it really becomes some sort of index. We shall see
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