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One for the other foot? A French Impostor? - 2005 Smart Roadster Coupé

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    I makesded a cheesy video. Contains squirrel mincing noises but no squirrels were harmed in the making of the video.


      Great video. Reminds me how much of a hoot that thing really is. An MX-5 would have been a far more sensible choice but wouldn't have afforded nearly as many opportunities to break out the spanners.
      WillDAQ: To use the technical terms: "the Mustang is to aerodynamics what horse shit is to fine dining"

      Dr Grip: Brilliant!

      EyeMWing Because what fun is a silicone dick if you don't try putting it in somebody's backside at least once.

      Jay IKEA now ranks up in my awesome list, quite near bacon and blowjobs.

      Cowboy I've never gotten so drunk I wanted to rub one out while shoving a fire extinguisher up my ass.

      Remind me never to have him round to dinner! @MattOnMotors