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Pornhub GrandePunto and the mighty Fiat Uno!

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    Pornhub GrandePunto and the mighty Fiat Uno!

    Hellow! I'm Alen from Slovenia, and some of you allready know me.

    I drive a bagged Grande Punto, and Fiat Uno, which will be my GFs first car when she passes her driving test.

    But first let me start with the GP, which is my 3rd Fiat.

    It started life as a normal 1.9 multijet Sport. But in 4 years it became a bit different.

    Car sits on Airride, which was custom made in our garage (me and friend are specialised for airride installs), 18" OZ Racing wheels.
    I have maxton design front and side splitters. New headlights, tailights, exhaust tip..and that's pretty much all about the exterior.

    Interior is also a bit different than original. I have 10.1" tablet installed instead of head unit. Steering wheel is covered in alcantara and carbon fibre, red seatbelts, custom dashboard wrap, etc.

    Engine is stock, just did a remap to 160hp.

    I got the Uno for free. Yes, I paid 0€ for it and it was meant for winter car. But then plans changed a bit.
    it was quite rusty, and we fixed all the rust. Car is lowered on custom coilovers (from golf mk3), wheels are from Borbet (15x7), with 145/60-15 tyres.
    Color is custom blue. Sideskirts and arch trims are from uno turbo. Engine is stock 1.1 50hp.

    As an American, it's really cool to see some different cars lowered, bagged, et cetera. Over here, it's all the same thing; old Golfs and the like. But seeing a couple of Fiats is pretty awesome.
    "Well, that's fine. You waste your money on a Mustang or a Ferrari. The fact is that if you want a sports car, the MX-5 is perfect. Nothing on the road will give you better value. Nothing will give you so much fun. The only reason I'm giving it five stars is because I can't give it 14."
    --Jeremy Clarkson on the NC MX-5


      Cool! How high does it air up? I've always thought it was ironic how horrible lowered cars are on cut springs versus how sweet cars are on proper air or hydro
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        Originally posted by LeVeL View Post
        how horrible lowered cars are on cut springs
        no shit! if you cut of the roof of a car, you'll have a shitty roadster as well...

        i wonder how bags compare to a descent KW, öhlins, eibach... setup?


          I think I'd have air suspension on every car, given the option. Well, actually I'd have Bose electromagnetic suspension but as that isn't available this is next. Not only is it cool to be able to adjust the ride height but when done right the ride quality can be incredible.

          'd love to see a shot of the tablet installation, that's something I've always toyed with doing in my Discoverys but never wanted to chop up the dash.
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            Thank you for your responses

            i have this system where you install bags over your coilovers. You just remove the springs and install bags. And it drives much better then it was on coilovers (v-maxx).
            This is how i drive. I don't have a photo of "all the way up"

            This was before i changed the wheel:

            and the wheel:


              I have a soft spot for FIATs in my heart, so
              "I'm sure Burger King is doing great in Germany, but they're not exactly stopping making schnitzels."


                Needs moar PornHub sponsor stickers.
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                  He got PornHub sticker because he fu**ed me hard this year. Practicaly everything that can broke down...broke.. So if he want's to fu** with me...well.. it should be classy.


                    Originally posted by Aleennn View Post

                    Love the UNO!!
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