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So I went to go buy a commuter box...

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    Originally posted by EyeMWing View Post
    Interesting nugget up there about Snap-On replacing damaged bolt extractors. Every other tool vendor in the known universe explicitly excludes those.

    Might be worth the buy, since I've been through way too damn many $70 sets of those things already.
    My friend did get it replaced, so that is apparently a thing - though whether it is just the tool truck rep making nice to retain sales to that dealership's service department or if it is Snap-On corporate policy, I don't know.


      Got the "factory big brake kit" installed - this consists of the front brakes off a 2005 Toyota Sequoia or Tundra. There is an even larger kit made by StopTech, but that uses aftermarket calipers and pads and costs a multiple of what using stock Tundra bits (or stuff offered as replacements for stock Tundra bits) costs. I bought a PowerStop Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Upgrade Kit, which is the most cost-effective option among the one-box brake kits - this comes with slotted and crossdrilled zinc-plated rotors (meh), powdercoated and rebuilt factory Toyota Tundra calipers, all new hardware, ceramic brake lube and carbon-ceramic brake pads for the price of just replacing the stock parts at a parts store. I also decided to replace all the rubber lines (including the rear) while the system was open, so I picked up StopTech/Centric braided stainless steel lines.




      The hardware all seems to be of good quality and the rotor castings are more than acceptable.


      To fit the larger Tundra calipers to the truck, only one modification is required – the stock front dust shield has to be trimmed to allow the caliper to clear. The white paint pen marks are where it has to be trimmed, the yellow lines indicate guides or reference points for cutting.








      After that, it’s just a matter of installing the stainless lines, slapping the rotors back on and bolting down everything.





      After some issues with bleeding that led to the master cylinder needing to be replaced as it had started internally bypassing, the end result was quite good. It stops faster and harder than before, modulation is excellent even if the pedal travel is a bit longer than I’d like. It is now easy to brake hard enough to get the ABS system to kick in even on fresh dry pavement. Big difference in braking and the red calipers are nice and subtle out in the real world as opposed to the harsh light of a garage.






        I wonder what I could do with these....



          Wait. What manufacturer are these seats from? They look kinda German to me. Maybe BMW-ish...?

          Viva la Targa!

          "Anybody who accuses this of being a girl car, needs to get into a Miata or Fiata on a back road. This is the most fun you can have in a car - without a girl in it." - Jason Cammisa about the ND platform
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            Originally posted by Mitchi View Post
            Wait. What manufacturer are these seats from? They look kinda German to me. Maybe BMW-ish...?
            They are the front seats from a 2009 BMW E92 - and I have them installed in my 4Runner, with all power functions except heater working.


              This is looking better every time you post! I'm kind of jelly.
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                Originally posted by Mitchi View Post
                Wait. What manufacturer are these seats from? They look kinda German to me. Maybe BMW-ish...?

                Not Toyota. That said, I can't take credit for the idea, I just saw something on Reddit and extended it. I would have posted the full build thread for the seats here but every time I tried the server tanked and erased my posts, so I put it up on the big 4Runner site instead.