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    What is Dead May Never Die - EyeMWing's sorta big red box

    Back in the dark ages when the forum software worked and I intentionally made awful car buying decisions.... Well, one of those things hasn't changed when you consider I paid cash money for a 1989 Dodge Aries last month. THAT adventure will be coming to some form of media near you one day. But this is not the story of that Dodge Aries. This is the story of something else entirely.

    I decided I needed an offroader project. Mostly because I need something with 4WD to drag shit around the yard, and partially because I want to thumb my nose at the section of the offroad community which resemble mall crawlers more and more every passing day. But I had a shitload of other projects to do that were eating all my time and money.

    You know, like I explained at the end of this thread:

    Well, the time has come. Not because I finished any of those other projects, but because I DESPERATELY need something 4WD to drag broken shit bodily around the yard.

    So I bought an XJ.

    Look at it! So majestic!

    Look, it's even missing the same trim as Rick's was? Remember that shitbox? Who would ever have bought that thing?

    This guy.
    The rickhamilton620=>EyeMWing junk car flip has struck again.

    It even runs, after a fashion. Look, here it is towing broken shit around the yard! Totally successfully!

    Just after 45 seconds in that video, you get introduced to it's most endearing feature, and one it didn't have when I bought it:
    The t-case is absolutely, totally stripped out. Attempting to move in 4WD results in nothing but 2WD with an additional horrifying grinding noise. The chain skipped on the sprocket if you applied too much torque when I first got it from Rick, but by the time I'd actually parked it at home, I'd completely buggered it.

    It's been that way for 2 years now, so I guess I should probably fix it.

    Went and got another t-case from a newer XJ ('99). Wrong tailshaft housing, maybe wrong tailshaft. Same t-case, though, so I can just take it all apart and swap crap around. Maybe I'll get fancy and install a slip yoke eliminator, but probably not.
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    Correction to the above: I am reminded of the actual incident that broke the t-case for good.

    I had a l stripped Subaru Legacy chassis on the trailer hooked up behind the Ram. Naturally, it got stuck on the hill coming out of the garage. Needed something to pull it out.

    Instead of walking to the (then completely serviceable) Chevy truck, I walked to the much closer Jeep, saving several tens of feet of walking. It had been a long day, okay!?

    Well, as it turns out, a wallered out NP231 ain't having any parts of helping to move 11,000lbs of truck, trailer and diseased shitbox.
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      Glad to see it live on. What's the final goal for it?


        More FG Family cars, yay! Iā€™d say congrats, but I think good luck is more apt

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          OMG, I'm shocked that this is here Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
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            Damn, if I knew you bought that, I'dve tried to sell you my XJ too.

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              Overall plan is to do a low buck off-road park truck.

              Basically fix the tcase, maaaybe do a slip yoke eliminator, 3 inch suspension lift, wheels and tires.

              Gonna assemble my own spring packs in the back, will need to find some takeoff coils for the front.
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