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Hamburg Stadtpark Revival (classic car gathering, racing, demonstration runs etc.)

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    No 56k: Hamburg Stadtpark Revival (classic car gathering, racing, demonstration runs etc.)

    Like every year since 2002 there is an event called Stadtpark-Revival (website only in German) which commemorates the Stadtpark-races in the 1930s to 1950s. There are demonstration runs and constancy trials around a course on closed public roads. Another road is closed so it is used as a classic car parking lot, no cars younger than 30 years is allowed there (OK, there are a few exceptions, but generally it's modern cars forbidden). This year there was an original Bugatti Type 35 and an Indy Car.

    First, pictures from the various races:

    Then, the paddock:

    There was a "Concours d'Elegance" as well, some of the contestants:

    And the already mentioned classic car parking lot:

    Why E10? I'm driving E46...

    That looks like an incredible day out. Weather perfect and a great selection of cars. Thanks for sharing.
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