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Peter Brock killed in racing crash

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    Peter Brock killed in racing crash,23599,20375524-2,00.html

    I'm in utter shock after hearing this.

    Rest in Peace you absolute champion.
    Remember, a dog is not just for Christmas. It can also be for a birthday. In fact, you can eat them all year round.

    Yep we'll use this thread

    Truely shocking news, I just can't believe it. This will rock the Australian motorsport world.

    Can anyone tell me if he and his wife were still seperated? Not that it matters but I'm just curious.

    I wonder how Aussie motorsport will tribute him....


      Brocky, you bloody legend, you'll be terribly missed by all Australian motorsport fans, no matter what manufacturer their allegiance lies with.

      I block your signature so I hope you enjoy mine...


        He was (and still is) my favourite Australian racer. I still remember getting emotional at his last Bathurst race in 1997, saying goodbye to his fans,

        Remember, a dog is not just for Christmas. It can also be for a birthday. In fact, you can eat them all year round.


          man, thats right outta bloody left feild !!!
          Complete legend, died doing the thing he loved.


            I'm gutted, a HUGE loss for Australian motorsport (and Australian sport in general). However, i feel that it was perhaps a fitting way for him to go, doing what he loved (albeit FAR too soon).


              R.I.P. Peter Perfect, R.I.P.

              A true legend - thanks for the memories & the immeasurable contribution to motorsport.

              His passing is an enormous loss.


                Can't say I've ever heard of him, but RIP to someone who seemed like quite the racer.


                  I must say, I'm not a bloke who gets very emotional, but when I heard the news, I shed a tear.

                  I was lucky enough to meet the bloke only a couple of months ago, he had time for everybody. A great legend in motorsport and a peerless advocate for real road safety. His number '05' was even chosen to promote awareness of the drink driving limit.

                  Not only that, he was a truly genuine good bloke.

                  Peter Perfect will be sorely missed.

                  May the King of the Mountain rest in peace.

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                    He sure was fun to watch at Bathurst, and seemed like a good guy.


                      oh man....*sigh*

                      G'night Mr. Brock, you can race your mountain forever. Maybe even teach Mr. Senna how to run the dipper right.
                      VIVA LAS CLARKSONISTAS!


                        The memory of Peter Brock, in the wet across the top of the mountain, chasing another win at Bathurst will live with me forever.
                        A sad sad day for motor racing.

                        A thought....Steve Irwin jokes all over the Peter Brock jokes
                        an indication of the measure of the man.

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                          Was checking my email this morning and stumbled across this:

                          That seems fairly devastating


                            Yep, devastating is the word. People can truly suck.


                              just like his first wife that came out claiming that he beat her 30 years ago, yet never said anything till he couldn't say himself what happened if anything.
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