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    I was at the competition yesterday and there were a lot of great cars. I think we had less people finish endurance than previous years, but I didn't stick around to see the final count. Anyway, here's a shot I took that you might like, devil500.

    IMG_6380 by Ferrari_Freak, on Flickr


      Our car finished everything, 4th time in school history to have done so, and well on our way to being either the second-highest or highest points scoring team in school history.

      Also, I may or may not be running CFD on a front wing design as I type.....


        Thanks for the shot! So gutted our car didn't finish endurance, but we found the cause to it our fuel pump cut out on us. It ended up being a wire that got overstressed when we had to move something around during tech. Our lap times were consistent, and no penalties in the 18 laps we ran.. Next year's car will be better considering this was a completely new platform.

        2013 Results:
        Business: 14th
        Cost: 35th
        Design: 39th
        Skidpad: 30th
        Accel: 26th
        Autocross: 30th
        Endurance: 47th
        Fuel Efficiency: 22nd

        Overall: 35th
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          Anyone from FSAE-A around? Saw results from the competition, congrats Monash for winning, and congrats UWA for getting the twin-chassis car completed.


            It was a pretty massive comp. Nice to see my old school bag another year.
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              Did you see the Warwick guys there? The lucky sonsofbitches got to take last years UK car to Aus to join in the fun (we're 'twinned' with Monash as unis).

              Then the Monash guys get the...pleasure...of doing the same during our summer.
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                2014 car is getting there. It's going to be a nice improvement over our 2013 design, but nothing as radical as 2012 to our 2013 car.
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