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2018 Bahrain GP

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    2018 Bahrain GP

    Another race, another double disaster for a strong team, this time Red Bull Racing.

    Amazing result for Pierre Gasly and Toro Rosso Honda. Must be a head scratcher for McLaren.

    That leg break on that Ferrari pit man was horrible. I hope it wasn't as bad as it looked. I'm still wincing just thinking about it.

    And Lewis calling Max a "dickhead" in the cool off room when he saw the race highlights of their contact was hilarious.

    Good race, and a coupla nailbiting laps in the end. That was a real gamble what Ferrari did.


      if alonso were in bottas' seat, he would've won...

      and if you ask me, mercedes are becoming complacent
      "no worries, in the end we'll win"
      that might bite them in their ass!

      and if red bull can't get their shit together, ricciardo will be gone in a hearbeat
      but if gasly keeps performing like yesterday, marco wouldn't even care...
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        I agree that Mercedes is complacent. They built their car to cool properly only in clean air, and thus far allegedly have cooling problems running in dirty air and hot ambient temperatures. That's arrogant to think you're always going to be so far ahead that you'll have clean air, in my opinion.

        Ferrari mechanic is on the mend, thankfully. Broken bones, but nothing worse than that.
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