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We've lost a Finn. R.I.P. Thujalvi/Jussi Kontusalmi

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    We've lost a Finn. R.I.P. Thujalvi/Jussi Kontusalmi

    As people who've met me know, I'm not really a man of many words. But as I'm rather active at making Finnish FG meets happen, I have contact info for most people that have attended meets.

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    Having met Jussi during Ringmeets and Finnmeets, I am really sorry to get these news, 25 is no age to go. He was a core part of our lovely group of idiots and will be dearly missed.
    He was a true Finn, a man of few, but loud words, a fanatic about all things BMW, Sauna and beer and definitely will forever keep the award "best beard at ringmeet".
    Jussi, you will be missed! I will have a beer on you tonight!
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      I will miss all the random BMW talks we had on IRC, and making fun of cursed BMW projects. RIP.
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        That's sad news. My condolences to his family and friends - and well, to ourselves here at FG, as far that doesn't overlap with "friends" anyway.

        I shall remember him as the live incarnation of the "Finn as such" from Ringmeet. And that's a compliment.


          Awful news. From the very brief time I spent in his company, and his participation on the forum, he seemed like a great guy. 25 is far too fucking young.


            Regardless of the cause 25 is no age to go. I knew him all too briefly and he was a real character. He will be sorely missed online here and more critically in person at Ringmeet where I hope everyone will join me in a moment's silence in his memory followed by a toast before the awards ceremony.

            RIP Jussi, it is an honour to have known you.
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            Remind me never to have him round to dinner!



              I never met him in real life, only via IRC. Still, it's a damn shame and 25 is way too young.

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                  As said before, this just sucks.. hard to say anything else on the matter..


                    It's always crushing to hear about someone passing, even if you didn't know them well. Terrible news.

                    RIP Jussi


                      I am speechless.


                        I met him on Ringmeet 2014 and sadly we only exchanged a few words, but I'll miss seeing him again.
                        He left a lasting impression on me, and went away way to soon.
                        Farewell, and may you rebuild many BMWs wherever you are now.

                        Also, we should name the "Best Ringmeet Beard award" in his honor.
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                          I enjoyed watching his E30 project come along...Sad to hear.

                          Second on the best beard award being named in his honor.

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                            I did not know him, but a loss is always a sad thing when it comes to a life.

                            may he drink with the warriors of valhalla.

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                              Originally posted by TC View Post
                              It's always crushing to hear about someone passing, even if you didn't know them well. Terrible news.

                              RIP Jussi
                              Indeed, 25 is way too young. He will be missed. RIP Jussi.
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                                Sad news, indeed. He may be gone, but shall not be forgotten.



                                  Sad news.
                                  Rest in peace!


                                    Very sad news, my sincere condolences to Jussi's family.

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                                      If you can, please do pass our condolences to his family.
                                      FTP Update:


                                        Terrible news, RIP Jussi.

                                        I had the pleasure of meeting him on 2013 and 2014 Ringmeets and got to ride with him in Dave's Saab on the way back from the restaurant.