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Horizon 4 Photothread

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    Horizon 4 Photothread

    I know barely anyone plays Forza here any more but why not have a photo thread anyway. It's a shame that the standard photos are still 1920x1080 when downloaded from the online gallery, it occurred to me that because I have OBS set up to record in 4k at the touch of a button it was easier to just record a small clip and then capture a frame from that. Boom, 4K photo and without the watermark if I wish.

    I'm having great fun with my Charger Daytona, a car I used in Horizon 3 but it's just as good here.

    Found myself getting chased by the Flying Scotsman at one point. I got a version with the car clean too after resetting the damage but I prefer this one.

    Built a Volvo to compete in the seasonal races and what are Volvos really designed for?

    I play the shit out of this game (well, as much as I play any games anymore). I'm just not much of a photo taker.