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Progress Report & LFS World Update

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    Progress Report & LFS World Update

    updated mon, Apr. 3rd, 2006 22:00
    >New LFS World feature : SMS Alerts & Messages
    >Small progress report
    Hello Racers. We would like to announce a new feature at LFS World : SMS Alerts and SMS Messages!

    You can now send text messages to other LFS racers, from LFS world or from inside LFS! You can also set SMS Alerts, to be informed of new hotlap world records or receive a message when one of your buddies goes online. We have given all S2 racers two free messages, for test purposes... so we recommend you go and enter your mobile phone number and try out an Alert or a Message. If you like it then you may wish to pre-pay for more messages (can be done on LFS World). They are all charged at £0.12 - both national and international.

    See what it's all about in the LFS Alerts window and the LFS Messages window, at

    On the simulation side, things have been coming along well. Eric has recently worked some more on the Aston track, including graphical improvements, texture changes and a new configuration (or two). Scawen has worked on some aerodynamic improvements, most notably, the drag and downforce from wings work correctly depending on their real angle of motion, not just the user setting. A recent push on tyre physics has resulted in much better tyres which have improved the car handling and driving experience a lot. We have also been experimenting with another interesting feature as well...

    How to make use of SMS Alert :
    If you have sufficient money in your account, you can receive SMS alerts for particular events. For example, you can receive SMS alerts for when friends go online in LFS, or for the hotlappers, if a (particular) WR gets broken. See 'Add an SMS Alert' below for the available SMS Alerts.
    TIP: Even if you don't want to receive Alerts, you can still enter your mobile number so you can receive custom SMS messages from other LFS users.

    How much does it cost?
    Every SMS Alert that you receive and every SMS Message that you send costs £0.12. This fee will be deducted from your account balance.

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      actually just a nice thought so we know who is going to make it and who isn't, why not we exchange mobile numbers so if its close to race time and someone isn't online yet or something we can SMS then and ask them if they are coming or not . Much cheaper than paying 0.12GBP one way
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        I think international SMS will cost you more than 0.12GBP. Hell, even a domestic SMS costs me more than that, yet alone an international one. (I'm on prepaid card thing, since I'm not a dutch citizen, I can't get a proper contract - and probably wouldn't because I rarely make calls here).

        I think the SMS price they offer is pretty good.


          Im willing to bet that "interesting feture" will be rim choices.
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            actually... I just realized the rates are cheaper than my international sms rate from my phone, its 0.14GBP for me to send international SMS. I guess its just the prepaid credit that I don't like, I'm on contract so yea . And pete, can't you sign on a contract with a passport and international student visa? I just needed my Driving License, Student Card, Bank card and my Medical Insurance card and I was on a contract already
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              Mmm, I don't think so. I think the primary focus now is getting physics right, and just fixing visual bugs, so I doubt we'll have a choice of rims yet (if ever).

              Btw, there's an unofficial add-on where you can change and make your own rims, Bespoke, but as far as I know it's hasn't been developed further from S1 days, so its not working with S2. (but I'm not 100% sure on this one)

              PS: Andy, doesn't work that way here. I'm fucked from every possible direction being a non-EU citizen (as Bulgaria is not part of the EU yet, although even after we get in, in 2007, I doubt much will change in the near future).

              You sign a 2year contract with most providers, and they want proof that you'll be here for that time, and I only get a residence permit valid for one year, which I have to renew all the time. So it's not a strong enough document for a contract.