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Cool: One-man stealth attack glider.

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    Cool: One-man stealth attack glider.,2933,352477,00.html

    It weighs only 30 pounds and can be fully weaponized for assault and rescue. It has a 6-foot jet-wing that is steered with handheld rotary controls connected to its rudder. And it can hide more than 100 pounds of combat gear in a built-in compartment.

    Video of it in action here.

    Personally, this whole contraption reminds me of my childhood:
    Spoiler Text: (Click here to toggle display)
    COBRA had it first!

    Also has nothing on this guy:

    No trees were killed in the transmission of this message;
    but a stupendous number of photons and electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

    So that's how Black Stig survived...


      Major Masterson, your Powersuit is here.
      "Power corrupts. Lack of power corrupts absolutely."
      -Redliner, ironically


        Really, really do want. That goes right at the top of my christmas presents list


          How much does the thing cost? I'll start saving today, maybe when i'm 70 I'll be able to afford it!


            Originally posted by DTMracer View Post
            Really, really do want. That goes right at the top of my christmas presents list
            Very much this.

            However I sure as hell don't want to fly the 'fighter' version. One stray bullet and you're gone. At least in a normal fighter plane the plane gives you an illusion of safety...
            ...I'm meant to put something here?


              That thing is the definition of coolness...


                I would not go down the Fox and Hounds (in Greenwich) on a Saturday in that - they'd take the piss.

                /EDIT OK, I admit it, really cool otherwise. ...
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                  That jet-man thing is just the coolest thing in the world.